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Let me know if this works for you.  Facebook seems to be restricting the amount of news stories I post. So I thought I would try this.  Some posts to consider for today August 2, 2018. South China Morning Post: US brands dozens of Chinese firms as threat to US national security. Axios post: Trump is able […]


Kaepernick Controversy, Hayes Tweet Shows Political and Media Bias That Hurts Nation

by John April 26, 2018

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes recently tweeted that Colin Kaepernick is the target of a conspiracy within the NFL. He tweets Kaepernick’s not being signed is the most high-profile, high-dollar example of punishing free expression, and policing speech that exists in the country at the moment. What follows on Twitter is a back-and-forth tirade. Some people make […]

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Lessons From Fake News Saturday

by John April 7, 2018

Twitter this morning was a like a Fake News Diarrhea Ward. It was all over the place. Those right-wing Russian bot helpers? Nope. The Whacko-Right may seem to dominate the fake news sphere, but they don’t own it. This morning I caught one from the left and one from the right.  And they were doozies. […]

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March For Our Lives: End of Baby Boomers?

by John March 24, 2018

Baby Boomers need to brace their fat, entertainment-addicted, and entitled asses. Because the Baby Boomer Era is officially over. The March For Our Lives just marked it. And calls to stop gun violence are just the beginning.  The next phase will target Boomers as if they were the corrupt special interest group. And you can’t […]

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Tax Reform Bill Silver Lining: Time To Start Your Business?

by John December 20, 2017

Sure, this is not a great tax reform bill.  You’ve read my critiques here. Polls say the majority of Americans are not fans.  Well, sometimes you have to know when the game is over.  That doesn’t mean you don’t compete another day.  But you also have to stop complaining and take what the law gives […]

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Best Book I’ve Read This Year. I Don’t Care When it Was Published!

by John December 11, 2017

I proclaim this the best book of 2017. Who cares if it was published in 2016?  I have my freedom to declare it anyway I want. Right? For me American Character: A History of The Epic Struggle Between Individual Liberty and the Common Good by Colin Woodard is my best read of 2017. I don’t […]

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Is Anybody There? Or Going To the Dark Side of Our Future

by John December 9, 2017

(Warning: this post contains my worst fears; my dark side glimpses. But these ramblings need your feedback and help.) Is Anybody There? is the finale number of the musical 1776.  John Adams is alone in the chambers the night before the signing of the Declaration of Independence after the wrenching battles with the Continental Congress.  […]

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Living In The New Gilded Age

by John December 8, 2017

Going back in time can be a fascinating wake-up call. Recently I was transported to the Gilded Age visiting The Breakers Mansion in Newport, RI.  (It will be on an upcoming episode of Undercover Jetsetter.) This Gilded Age mansion was built in the 1870s by the Vanderbilt’s. Inside this now-museum, you can relive the opulence and […]

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What I’m Watching: Ken Burns’ Vietnam

by John December 7, 2017

A warning here.  US Baby Boomers and older might find this documentary series difficult to watch. I mentioned Ken Burns Vietnam to a Vietnam vet. “Why do I want to relive that again?” Then I remembered my flashback while watching the doc. It was 1967. I was 12 serving as an altar boy at the […]

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What Missing From Tax Reform: Smart-Rich Americans

by John October 23, 2017

The latest tax reform proposal is not entirely crazy. But it fails in one big way. It fails to encourage or incentive smart people. Remember, we once had smart tax reform in 1986 under Reagan.  Congress wiped out numerous deductions and re-started the economy, laying the foundation for the 1990s boom.  The work of the […]

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