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Fantasy Sports Is A Game Of Skill

by John on 10/20/2014

A few states prohibit fantasy sports saying it is gambling, a game of chance – not a game of skill. But watch the recent episode on fantasy sports on HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel along with an interview with Carl Quintanilla who reported the story. You will quickly understand that fantasy sports is a [...]


Why GOP Congress Control Not So Bad

by John October 20, 2014

No I am not backing either side in the mid-term elections. Vote your conscience or based on the issues that hit home with you. Remember whether you vote for the Democrat or the Republican, both of them have taken donations from special interests which, in my mind, is bribery not freedom of speech. Still, I [...]

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Walmart Worker Benefit Story Misses Bigger Points

by John October 9, 2014

Alternet, a liberal news site, recently posted a story about Walmart’s growing profits and its decision to drop or reduce health care benefits for their employees. Sure, it’s an inflammatory story for the left. But it is also a story that screams for ideas that most media outlets – liberal and conservative — can’t or [...]

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Euro US Cup In The Books Preserved On Tape

by John October 3, 2014

The Euro US Cup is an international gathering of golfers who play in a Ryder Cup style event each year. I was invited to play on the US team in this year’s 15th celebration. It was a great event for me. I met 14 guys from around the US and the world I would have [...]

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Video Insight, Distortion, Heat

by John September 10, 2014

The Real TV show open was: “Video cameras are everywhere… you never know where you will find Real TV.” And we found some great stuff. But we also might have gotten a few things wrong. One video we aired was from a cop camera. It shows a traffic stop where the trooper is issuing a [...]

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Ferguson, MO: Cable News and You

by John August 16, 2014

The situation in Ferguson, MO after the death of 18 year old Michael Brown is going to be tense for some time. Be careful with your tweets and posts. But watch carefully for the news and different posts you see. First, we don’t know how the exact circumstances of how Michael was killed or how [...]

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Problem of Simultaneous Live Blogging British Open, Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

by John July 21, 2014

Like religion, social media and war technology are double-edged swords.  They can be used for good and bad. And like we saw in Ukraine, when deadly technology is put into the hands of morons, it can be deadly. Notice too what is happening in the Israeli Palestinian conflict and the war of words on social [...]

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Don’t You Hate Celebrities? Wait, You are one

by John June 28, 2014

I am sometimes called a celebrity. Decades on national and local TV will do that. Still, when I think of the old definition of celebrity, it seems like a loose use of the term for someone like me. However, the reality is this. The new celebrity is a hybrid of many personalities and profiles. (Look [...]

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Lexington Celebrity Golf and New Media Disruption On Display

by John June 26, 2014

We refined a new media video production model while helping a great charity. Your business needs new media technology to create large amounts of video content that is informative, engaging, funny, well-told, short and to the point, and less expensive. Otherwise, you won’t compete. In this post, I will lay out my whole weekend in [...]

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Liberty Health Share: All The Reasons To At Least Look

by John June 21, 2014

Liberty Health Share just makes sense for me. My monthly health care cost/payments dropped from $700 to $300 a month for my wife Teri and me. Our unpaid upfront costs (deductibles in insurance terms) went from $6,500 to $1,000 a year. I know many of you have costs much higher than mine. So why not [...]

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