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I only review books that you need to read.  This is one of them. The Fix: How Nations Survive And Thrive In A World In Decline by Jonathan Tepperman. I also try to make my reviews short and sweet.  You should be reading the book and not me. I will be using a lot of […]


Dangers of Fake News and Media Bias Accusations

by John November 29, 2016

Media bias is no excuse to give credibility to fake news.  Granted, the downfall of the media’s reputation is one cause for the preponderance of fake news.  But it is not the only reason and it is certainly not a reason to embrace fake news. First, here are the realities or unintended consequences of making […]

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Booking Engine Fiasco Or Why You Need A Travel Agent For Bucket List Trip

by John November 28, 2016

Beware when you book with online travel engines like Priceline, Expedia, etc. I learned the hard way trying to get a deal in Las Vegas recently. Let me give you the lessons first, then the details. First, those online ads offering deals of $8 a day or $80 a week for a car rental, for […]

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Michael Moore Is Wrong

by John November 11, 2016

Michael Moore has a 5-point plan to derail the Trump presidency and help anti-Trump supporters in the election aftermath. While I agree with some of his principles, I wholeheartedly disagree with his means. After reading his treatise, the so-called liberal documentary filmmaker seems more like a Republican in Progressive clothing. He wants the impeachment of […]

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The Trump Earthquake Or The Earthquake That Gave Us Trump

by John November 9, 2016

My first post while live blogging the election last night before the returns was: “My head tells me Hillary, but my gut tells me Trump.” A few hours later, long-time Vegas friend Bill Stafford correctly posted back: “Should have listened to your gut.” This was a gut election.  And you normally react with your gut […]

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Election Night Preps; Join Me

by John November 7, 2016

Election night is like Super Bowl for me. It’s that way for most of us in the news business – even if you are not working for a traditional news outlet. Being a news guy for myself now is just as exciting and fun.  Plus, I don’t have to wear make-up. It doesn’t mean I […]

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Find The Most Important Journalist While Shoveling $#!+

by John November 4, 2016

Yes, my new book, called appropriately Informed Not Inflamed, on the media and media bias is in the works. However, writing it I felt like the zoo keeper stuck behind an elephant with incurable diarrhea.  It’s not easy cleaning up a shit storm. The message, like the first book, is how to find the most important […]

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Healthcare Campaign BS While Sticker Shock Hits

by John November 3, 2016

(For the record, I am a spokesperson and a member of Liberty HealthShare. You can also listen to this radio excerpt with Dale Bellis, the Executive Director of Liberty HealthShare.) Again this presidential campaign is short on solutions from both sides. The latest comes from the Trump-Pence campaign. They talk about immediately repealing and replacing […]

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Is US Politics Showing Symptoms of Cancer?

by John October 31, 2016

Watching and reading the news on Hillary and Trump makes me think of a man dying of cancer. Tell me if this makes sense. The man is terminal.  But he can’t understand why.  He was the healthiest person he knew. In fact, he was so healthy he never went to the doctor. He ignored symptoms. “Just […]

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Why Trump and Hillary Don’t Resonate: #ItIsTheSolutionsStupid

by John October 6, 2016

This is also a podcast that you can listen to here. So why aren’t Trump and/or Hillary resonating?  Many of you won’t like my answer because you are the problem. On the surface, neither candidate is addressing serious problems.  Trump is off on some populist, angry rant. While Hillary seems to just feed the anger […]

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