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This election campaign has nothing to do with governing or solving the problems of America. Nope. It is all about branding; branding candidates and branding the media. The candidates are doing it big time. Sure they all talk about sacrificing to go into public service. Yeah right. The losers in the campaign – who won’t […]


Trump, Facebook, Video Shaking The World

by John January 28, 2016

Economically, culturally, and politically we are in the midst of an earthquake. That shaking you’re hearing today is The Donald, Facebook, and the power of video. Trump’s next great act of disruption happens tonight when he skips the Iowa presidential debate less than a week before the Iowa Caucuses to hold his own rally to […]

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What I’m Offering

by John January 25, 2016

John Daly John Daly is a journalist, news anchor, writer, author, spokesperson, and TV host. He is best known as a pioneer in reality TV for hosting the ground-breaking show Real TV, the first all-video news magazine show. Daly’s skills as a host, a writer, and an interviewer have led to one thing: solid audience […]

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Buffoonery On Campaign Trail But Solutions Forming Too

by John January 22, 2016

Here is my podcast on my latest observations on the presidential campaign. You can also read along with my script/notes here. It is Friday January 22nd. Let’s discuss the presidential election as we head to the first caucuses and first primary. My sports show is coming up at noon eastern too as we discuss the […]

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NOWtv For the New Age Start-up Company

by John January 14, 2016

Lots of folks keep asking, “So what exactly is NOWtv?” Well, let me give you the whole story right here.  There are plenty of videos and links to peruse here.  Feel free to click, watch, and move onto the next one. NOWtv is a content creation company providing online marketing materials for companies – especially […]

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Drastic Changes in Healthcare Landscape Hitting Many

by John January 11, 2016

A lot of you are cringing at your healthcare costs. You’re not alone. But don’t put your head in the sand. Do something, because some of you need to sign-up soon to avoid fines and penalties. Let me give you some new information that will help you and help you understand why this is happening. […]

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Traditional Quadrennial Forecast or What Johnny Football Has To Do with 2016 Election

by John January 4, 2016

For the record, I made my traditional New Year’s Eve pick in the presidential race. Before I reveal my prediction, a little background. First this tradition started in 1984 when I really started covering politics. I wanted to put myself to the test of being an analyst or super forecaster. Keep in mind, this choice […]

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Healthcare Revolution in Full Swing

by John December 22, 2015

Don’t you hate people saying, “I told you so?” Well, hate me. The healthcare revolution is happening. And I have been saying this for nearly two years now. And I couldn’t be prouder. Liberty HealthShare membership has grown six-fold from the beginning of 2015 until today. Here are the numbers. On January 1, 2015, Liberty […]

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Lessons from Steve Harvey: How to Be and Hire a Good Emcee

by John December 22, 2015

Steve Harvey’s flub at the Miss Universe Pageant is a classic of what you don’t do as a host or emcee. I feel sorry for Steve Harvey. He really caused a ton of angst needlessly. In this post, let’s look at what is a real, professional host. Self-serving? Yes. Ironically, I was prepping this post […]

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Giles Pace: My Prescient Buddy Who Left Us Too Early

by John December 18, 2015

  (This is another remembrance of my friend Giles Pace who died recently of cancer. Giles was a trusted news source and sounding board on foreign policy and defense issues.  Although I could never quote him directly, his wife Margaret said I could finally reveal all that Giles has done for me and the world.  […]

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