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(This is a remembrance of my friend Giles Pace who died recently of cancer. I am very sad but trying to feel happy for having the chance to have met this amazing man. Giles was a trusted news source and sounding board on foreign policy and defense issues. Although I could never quote him directly, […]


Join Me in Helping The Memory of An American Hero: Giles Pace

by John October 13, 2015

  I need your help for a friend who I can now reveal as a great American. I am helping launch a Go Fund Me campaign for the widow of my good, and late friend Giles Pace. This is a photo of Giles and Margaret. You can view the campaign and donate here. Giles Wayne […]

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Foreign Policy Confusion: How To Be More Informed

by John September 18, 2015

If anything, the GOP debate shows that most of us – especially those who want to be President — are either out of touch or missing a lot of information in regards to foreign policy. So, let me offer some informed not inflamed tips. The first tip would be to read these two fairly recent […]

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What I Am Reading: Eat The Yolks; Certainly A Diet Changer

by John September 8, 2015

My last book review I said Dying To Be Me could be a life changer. Eat The Yolks by Liz Wolfe could be too. But this is more of a diet changer for me. Here are my takes: After putting the ideas in this book to use, my weight is way down and clothes from […]

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What Is News In Social Media Age: Ashley Madison Reacts

by John September 5, 2015

I recently posted about the Ashley Madison cyber ransom scandal. My friend Lorence Irvine, from Hong Kong, wrote on Facebook: Regarding Ashley Madison, I’ve been watching this kind of news break for years, and it’s stopped shocking me. It still offends me, but not shocking. None of this stuff surprises me anymore. You know what […]

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What I am Reading: Dying To Be Me; Could Be Life Changer for Many

by John September 4, 2015

Dying To Be Me by Anita Moorjani could be a life-changer for many of you. It is for me. In many ways, it clarified my views on religion, healthcare, and being informed in today’s multi-media special-interest world. You might say she affirmed Informed Not Inflamed from the other side. (I won’t say it because it […]

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Fall Golf Calls From Carolinas

by John August 31, 2015

If you are a golf nut then you need to be down here for fall golf. I recently interviewed Shawn Hicken, the Head Golf Pro at Brunswick Plantation in Calabash, NC. You can see the interview here. Shawn and I cover a few main points of why this time of year is so good for […]

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Market React from Hugh Anderson of High Tower Las Vegas

by John August 24, 2015

When the Dow plunges nearly 1.100 points in a few minutes at the open the usual response is call your financial experts. I didn’t. I emailed him thinking everyone else would be calling. So here are some of the pearls from Hugh Anderson of High Tower Las Vegas. Hugh calls the 1,000 point drop “market […]

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Liberty HealthShare Another Disrupter

by John August 11, 2015

My prediction: Liberty HealthShare is about to disrupt healthcare like Amazon, Airbnb, Google, and Uber has done in its industries. Granted, this is from my vantage point since I am a member and also my company produces video content and spokesperson services for them. But hear me out. Amazon is in top ten of US […]

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NRA and PP Show Americans as Moderates and Politicians Out of Touch

by John August 5, 2015

A fascinating poll found that the NRA and Planned Parenthood have the same rather high approval ratings. That shouldn’t surprise anyone – unless you’re playing for the hyper political left or right. Most of us have common sense and know the nonsense from the political arena is hyped up for entertainment and to lure special […]

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