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So What Are You?

by John on 03/12/2017

“So what are you?” I get that question a lot, followed by either: “I see liberal stuff on your sites.” Or “You quote some conservative stuff.” My response: “Neither.” Granted, because my sites are set up as news sites, some perceive more media-liberal leaning posts despite the posting of opposing sites or platforms on the […]


Trump Sowing Jobs, Mistrust

by John March 11, 2017

Give Trump credit for the jobs report?  I guess so. First, it is a time-wasting argument. Most Presidents have little effect on how businesses hire. Second, if anything those jobs are part of the Obama economy, if you think Presidents have that effect. Third, Trump should get credit for creating economic optimism in the business […]

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Your Boss Can Demand Genetic Testing on You? Maybe. How To Avoid It

by John March 10, 2017

That might be happening, if a new bill passes the full Congress. Your boss could demand genetic testing on you as an employee.  And if you refuse, you could get whacked with higher premiums on your employer healthcare benefits. Sure, this seems like an invasion of privacy.  “Stop government, but wait, it is OK for […]

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Storm About To Hit?

by John February 20, 2017

Reading tea leaves here … but it looks like a $#!T storm … a coordinated effort to take down Trump and his Administration. Here’s what I’m seeing. Take a look at this article by the New York Times detailing Trump campaign connections to Russian intelligence and financial interests with the Trump Empire. Watch this exchange between […]

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Now For Some Real Fake News

by John February 18, 2017

So yesterday I posted a story from the Associated Press that said Trump is considering calling up 100,000 National Guard troops to round up illegal aliens. A few hours later, the White House denied the story. Some of my followers immediately posted: Fake news. Others posted opposing views. There’s even a memo showing they’re considering […]

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All Over The Place? Not Really

by John February 17, 2017

Actually I am talking about me, not Trump. In this post, I will tell you about the ventures we’re creating content for. Why spill it here? Many of you wonder why I post, in addition to news, stuff on travel, healthcare, and cryptocurrencies. I want to be transparent since I try to follow journalist norms […]

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Outrage Porn Online: Author Has New Reason

by John February 16, 2017

(A new book I am reading, The Choose Yourself Guide To Wealth, offers a totally different reason for the political vitriol on social media.) So why are people so outraged about politics online? We dove into here about how God and morality seem to be downloaded to another drive when people click onto social media. […]

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Your Philanthropic Footprint: Helping Build Trust

by John February 16, 2017

(This is a book review of What’s Your Philanthropic Footprint? by Mary B. Leon Vail, MBA.  Some disclosure: Mary is a long-time friend from Las Vegas.) What a great time for this book.  People and corporations should be giving back during this time of chaos in politics and the changing economy. The problem: many don’t […]

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Russia Latest: Some Thoughts

by John February 15, 2017

Some quick thoughts on the latest Russian revelations. First, read the New York Times piece that has busted this wide open. On the surface, it’s not good for Trump.  Still, we can’t jump on this as the next Watergate just yet. Here are some thoughts of why you might question the story: The story is […]

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