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The media kerfuffle between President-Elect Trump and John Lewis shows the real problem facing Americans. We are becoming less American. Hear me out. Most of us associate first with a group, an ideology, or a special interest — more than we see ourselves as citizens of the United States. I’m liberal. I’m conservative. Women’s rights […]


Trump-Russia Like Stories The New Normal; Guidelines For My Pages

by John January 13, 2017

In this post: Why Trump Russia chaos is new normal How I work (or rule) my pages or a rare glimpse of my opinions and biases So, the Trump Russia story (or the media eruptions) had everyone buzzing this week — including my pages. Get used to it. This is the new normal for news. […]

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Answering All Your Questions About Liberty HealthShare

by John January 5, 2017

So many of you are inquiring about Liberty Health Share now. And for good reasons: The new rates for Obamacare are hitting you. There is no concrete information on how Obamacare will be repealed or replaced – and what effect that will have on you. So, I am posting a lot on social media so […]

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Obama, Trump Strutting, Bending Reality

by John December 27, 2016

Two guys swinging their machismo or what got them there? T.S. Eliot with The Donald and Obama? Code of the Extraordinary Mind. Being Un-f@(k-with-able So Obama and Trump say they would have beaten the other if they ran head to head in 2016. Before you get your partisan panties in a wad, let’s break this […]

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Obamacare Sticker Shock?! Don’t Fret. A Solution Is Here

by John December 10, 2016

Please share this if you know of someone with Obamacare sticker shock! I am a member of Liberty Health Share for 3 years saving me thousands and making me healthier. I am part of community of 100,000 in only 3 years who now take responsibility for their health. Here is why. How it works […]

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Trump-Carrier Deal Speaks Volumes

by John December 6, 2016

Takeaways: Carrier deal show sports media bias Carrier deal shows most people are not ideological purists. My own impure purity Liberal and conservative research opposes Trump carrier deal The Trump-Carrier deal brought loads of responses on my social media pages. One friend posted: Trump tax incentives costing IN taxpayers was the solution. Another friend replied: […]

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Turn Off The Cable News And Read This Book: The Fix

by John November 29, 2016

I only review books that you need to read.  This is one of them. The Fix: How Nations Survive And Thrive In A World In Decline by Jonathan Tepperman. I also try to make my reviews short and sweet.  You should be reading the book and not me. I will be using a lot of […]

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Dangers of Fake News and Media Bias Accusations

by John November 29, 2016

Media bias is no excuse to give credibility to fake news.  Granted, the downfall of the media’s reputation is one cause for the preponderance of fake news.  But it is not the only reason and it is certainly not a reason to embrace fake news. First, here are the realities or unintended consequences of making […]

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Booking Engine Fiasco Or Why You Need A Travel Agent For Bucket List Trip

by John November 28, 2016

Beware when you book with online travel engines like Priceline, Expedia, etc. I learned the hard way trying to get a deal in Las Vegas recently. Let me give you the lessons first, then the details. First, those online ads offering deals of $8 a day or $80 a week for a car rental, for […]

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Michael Moore Is Wrong

by John November 11, 2016

Michael Moore has a 5-point plan to derail the Trump presidency and help anti-Trump supporters in the election aftermath. While I agree with some of his principles, I wholeheartedly disagree with his means. After reading his treatise, the so-called liberal documentary filmmaker seems more like a Republican in Progressive clothing. He wants the impeachment of […]

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