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Latin America below the Surface

by John on 04/27/2016

Here is an insightful commentary about Latin America from Richard Haass. To digress. Here is a review of Richard’s book I wrote. Needless to say, I am a big Richard Haass fan. After all, if you read my review, you will realize I played golf with him but never met him. Granted, the continent and […]


My 2016 MLB Picks

by John April 3, 2016

Read them and weep. That’s because if I picked your teams they might be destined for horrible season. Cubs’ fans will be sobbing. I call for the end of the Curse of the Goat. My beloved Red Sox are spared. I don’t have them making the playoffs, but the Evil Empire Yankees do. (Is there […]

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One Article That Shows Why Trump and Bernie Are Rising

by John April 1, 2016

Trump and Bernie are not going away. Trump’s gaffes on abortion and women; Bernie’s crankiness about Democratic super delegates are issues. But with the majority of their supporters who are not bending there is something more front and center: their futures and their livelihood. And Trump and Bernie, in different ways, are addressing them. Read […]

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Media to Blame for Trump? Really? You Are

by John March 31, 2016

Sure, you can blame the media for Trump. But it is not that simple. Trump supporters will jump all over fast-paced questioner Chris Matthews for tripping up Trump, getting him to say he would prosecute women who get abortions which his campaign quickly walked back. That will seem like supporters backing their guy no matter […]

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Trump and Other Politicians Give US Pills for Symptoms, Not Causes

by John March 28, 2016

So many of you are sick of Trump. All my friends and colleagues talk about Trump stomach aches, a case of the Trump trots, or suffering from The Donald Depression. Granted, The Donald’s brand of politics is sickeningly infectious, but our other candidates are carriers too. But we The People are to blame. That’s because […]

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Trump Riots and Media Bias

by John March 14, 2016

So was there media bias during the Trump rally altercations over the weekend? Sure, but not the type you are thinking. I noticed a number of posts on social media blaming MSNBC and the left for fueling the hate by continually showing the live skirmishes among Trump supporters and detractors. My colleague Michael Horowicz, I […]

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Prepping To Be Informed Not Inflamed For Super Tuesday Returns

by John March 14, 2016

I was a guest on the Gene Rowley Show this morning talking politics and media bias. You can hear the show here. Gene and his gang were great; both funny and serious. After thinking about our talk, I realized that Gene made me clarify some things that I might not have articulated in this way […]

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Live Blogging Super Tuesday; Predictions Right Here

by John March 14, 2016

Join me Tuesday night for the election returns on the next Super Tuesday. I will be Live on Twitter and on Facebook John Daly and Facebook John Daly News. So here is what I am predicting. Let me rephrase that. Here is what I am guessing. That means there is some research. A great source […]

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Cruz Wrong; But CNN Response Didn’t Help Media Bias Suggestions

by John February 7, 2016

This election campaign has nothing to do with governing or solving the problems of America. Nope. It is all about branding; branding candidates and branding the media. The candidates are doing it big time. Sure they all talk about sacrificing to go into public service. Yeah right. The losers in the campaign – who won’t […]

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Trump, Facebook, Video Shaking The World

by John January 28, 2016

Economically, culturally, and politically we are in the midst of an earthquake. That shaking you’re hearing today is The Donald, Facebook, and the power of video. Trump’s next great act of disruption happens tonight when he skips the Iowa presidential debate less than a week before the Iowa Caucuses to hold his own rally to […]

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