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Get Your Business Seen

by John on 10/19/2020



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John Daly and his team have decades of experience in television, news, video production, reality TV, and new media.

They can propel your sales efforts through the best and worst of times.

John is an award-winning news anchor, internationally recognized TV host, a pioneer in reality TV and the new media, and author of two books.

What you will get:

Videography and Photography for:

  • Webpage
  • Social media
  • Email marketing
  • Creating your own TV show

Here’s what they did for Mama’s Secret.

Wide Range of Photography and Videography Options:

  • High End: for website splash and TV commercials
  • IPhone Technology: for social media in quick news update turn around
  • Drone: For aerial location shots

John gets the news out quickly for the Brunswick County Chamber

Third Party Endorsements:

  • John Daly as your company spokesperson: appearing in videos, TV ads, hosting company events, zoom broadcasts, and even your own TV or radio show
  • Segments on Undercover Jetsetter about travel, food, wine, and golf that John Co-Hosts
  • Segments on NOOZ, a citizen journalism website that can reach thousands online.

John helped Liberty HealthShare go from zero to 250,000 members.

Boat Landing Restaurant reached 24,000+ on Facebook thanks to NOOZ.

Call us. Tell us your needs and your budget. We will make it work.


[email protected]

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