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World Problems Solved: 3 Solutions in One Post

by John on 06/18/2019

How simple is that?

Here are the three solutions.  Combine them, and I believe, the world would be a much better place.

Gold Seal Industries is a trash to energy solution that can eliminate pollution while creating endless power, desalinized and medical grade water, food for millions, and safe, sellable bi-products for industry.

Here’s a video segment we produced for Undercover Jetsetter that explains it all.

You can also read our Undercover Jetsetter blog.

Blockchain Technology is a secure and private technology that can encrypt transactions worldwide while keeping a ledger of transactions, eliminating the need for governments and banks.  It puts the power of transactions into the hands of the people while cutting costs.  When it comes to social media, YOU own your content, not Facebook or other social media sites.  When it comes to the gig economy, you get the payment — not the ride share nor vacation rental companies.

Here’s a book we highly recommend: The Truth Machine: The Blockchain and the Future of Everything by Michael Casey and Paul Vigna

Here’s a Ted Talk that explains it all.

Cloudwyze is an Internet, phone technology management and IT company that is working with companies and local governments to provide quality internet services to under-served communities.  This can boost local economies while providing better educational services.

Again, it is already proven and working in some regions of the US.  Read this book.  Fiber: The Coming Tech Revolution and Why America Might Miss It by Susan Crawford.

Here are the problems that can be solved, controlled, or eliminated.

  • Pollution
  • Famine
  • Civil War
  • Income Inequality
  • Urbanization: flight from rural areas

Where are we seeing all these problems? All over the world.

  • Look at the strife in Central America which is leading to our immigration crisis on the Southern border.
  • Look at Syria, racked by civil war which started with famine and drought.
  • Take Yemen and the atrocities of that civil war.
  • In the US, income inequality, a lack of economic opportunity and social movement for the majority of Americans as our cities become more crowded.

This all seems so daunting.  But it doesn’t have to be.  In fact, once you look at the three solutions, you will become optimistic because these technologies create plenty for multitudes.

But why aren’t they being used more or even at all?

  • Governments fear losing control.
  • New companies like Amazon, Facebook, and Google can easily monopolize markets reducing competition
  • Old line industries control lawmakers to slow new technologies that could eliminate less efficient ways of doing business and making money.
  • Media is controlled by special interests and special-interest lawmakers from both ends of the political spectrum
  • Most Americans lack time and curiosity or are addicted to news that acts more like entertainment or sports – not education and information.

I urge you to look at these and understand these so you can see what the future will bring.

How did I get to know these solutions?  The ROIL System – the basis of Informed Not Inflamed — stands for read, observe, interview, and learn.

  • Reading makes you devour as much well-researched and documented information whether it’s newspapers, magazines or nonfiction books.
  • Observe is not only watching television and video segments online but also taking initiative to see for yourself what is happening in your community or traveling the world.
  • Interview means YOU question the experts. Technologies like smart phones and Skype allow us to connect with the people who have the inside knowledge.
  • Learn is merely putting it all together in your mind whether it’s sitting and thinking or meditating.

Now it’s your turn.  Give me your take.


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