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Create Your Own TV News Site

by John on 10/13/2018

Peter JenningsYou could be the next Peter Jennings, Geraldo Rivera, or Glenn Beck.

Let us show you how.

You can be a free-lance journalist covering the stories you want.

You can create your own news agency for your company, your association, or your neighbors.

Here are the different ways we are doing it already.

This is the link to Undercover Jetsetter, our travel show with food, wine, spirits, golf, and new technology.   Here’s the mind-blower.  Undercover Jetsetter is entirely shot, edited, and delivered from an iPhone.

Sure, this isn’t a News show.  It is more of a TV magazine show.  Yes, there is a lot of vacation videos and up-close shots of food.

But Undercover Jetsetter has the same elements as TV news: video, interviews, narration, along with experienced story-telling.

book cover TV studio in your handPlug: here is our book, The TV Studio In Your Hand, so anyone can shoot their vacation videos efficiently, successfully, and safely.

Let’s show you the breaking news aspect of Undercover Jetsetter.

I produced a series of videos on Hurricane Florence that hit the Carolinas.

Again, all shot on the iPhone.

All shot while my family and I prepped to stay safe during this ominous storm.

And all shot while maintaining our safety.

Here is segment on the preps.

Here is what we witnessed during the storm including having some fun with my dog Nike.

Then we did some aftermath segments.

We also did a segment on a golf course that weathered the storm and was up and running.

This video was posted on social media to let potential visitors know that the region was open for tourists at a time of year, the fall, which is so important to the tourism economy.

Two years earlier, I produced a series of videos during Hurricane Matthew in October, 2016 right from my balcony in Sunset Beach, NC.  Here is a playlist of those videos.

We also produce segments for different companies for their sites.

This is a video, again shot quickly on the iPhone and edited, for Meadowlands Golf Club.

But you can also be a news source for people when breaking news is happening.

This happened during the deadly Paris attacks in November 2015.

I spent four hours aggregating news from around the world from my computer, phone, and TV.

Since I set up a Twitter page and a Facebook page that only gives me news, I was getting a barrage of information from many reputable news sources and outlets.

Here’s how you set up a Twitter news feed for yourself.

paris-attack-nov-13Hours later, I received a couple of touching posts.  They came from two parents from two different families.  But both of them had children studying in Paris.  They thanked me for my information.  They admitted to following me until they got word that their kids were safe.

I’ve been in the news business since 1983 with many gratifying moments.  That was one of the best.  And I wasn’t even working for a news agency.

I am not trying to applaud myself.  (OK maybe I did.)

My point is that we are all journalists thanks to social media.

So that means we have responsibilities when we post.

You can be a free-lance or citizen journalist while you work at your other job.

But you can also do this for your business.  It will give your company even more credibility.

Let us know how we can help.


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