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I lost a giant influence in my life this week. Father Paul Seaver, a professor at Providence College, died at 92, from complications of dementia and Covid. Here is his obit. I was very aware decades ago of his affect on my life including my growth as a person, a journalist, a TV Host, and […]

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Get Your Business Seen

by John October 19, 2020

VIDEOS TO GRAB CUSTOMERS AND FIT YOUR BUDGET 702-229-1314 [email protected] John Daly and his team have decades of experience in television, news, video production, reality TV, and new media. They can propel your sales efforts through the best and worst of times. John is an award-winning news anchor, internationally recognized TV host, a pioneer in reality […]

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What We Can Do For You

by John December 10, 2019

JOHN DALY TV Host / Spokesperson [email protected] 702-339-1314   Credibility is what John Daly offers.   He has helped reach audiences for companies in the financial, insurance, and healthcare industries, just to name a few.   WATCH: John Daly corporate video presentations   John is also a Hall of Fame newscaster and a pioneer in […]

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World Problems Solved: 3 Solutions in One Post

by John June 18, 2019

How simple is that? Here are the three solutions.  Combine them, and I believe, the world would be a much better place. Gold Seal Industries is a trash to energy solution that can eliminate pollution while creating endless power, desalinized and medical grade water, food for millions, and safe, sellable bi-products for industry. Here’s a […]

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Create Your Own TV News Site

by John October 13, 2018

You could be the next Peter Jennings, Geraldo Rivera, or Glenn Beck. Let us show you how. You can be a free-lance journalist covering the stories you want. You can create your own news agency for your company, your association, or your neighbors. Here are the different ways we are doing it already. This is […]

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Why You Should Follow My Two News Sites

by John October 4, 2018

I’m hearing this a lot. “I don’t watch cable news anymore. I just follow you on Twitter.” Someone who phoned me a few days ago, along with another follower. “I only had a few minutes so I went onto your page to see what you were posting to get caught up.” Some are friends.  Some […]

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Posts for August 2, 2018: New Tariffs; Obama endorsements; Blumenthal says Kavanaugh = Trump Despot

by John August 2, 2018

Let me know if this works for you.  Facebook seems to be restricting the amount of news stories I post. So I thought I would try this.  Some posts to consider for today August 2, 2018. South China Morning Post: US brands dozens of Chinese firms as threat to US national security. Axios post: Trump is able […]

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Kaepernick Controversy, Hayes Tweet Shows Political and Media Bias That Hurts Nation

by John April 26, 2018

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes recently tweeted that Colin Kaepernick is the target of a conspiracy within the NFL. He tweets Kaepernick’s not being signed is the most high-profile, high-dollar example of punishing free expression, and policing speech that exists in the country at the moment. What follows on Twitter is a back-and-forth tirade. Some people make […]

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Lessons From Fake News Saturday

by John April 7, 2018

Twitter this morning was a like a Fake News Diarrhea Ward. It was all over the place. Those right-wing Russian bot helpers? Nope. The Whacko-Right may seem to dominate the fake news sphere, but they don’t own it. This morning I caught one from the left and one from the right.  And they were doozies. […]

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March For Our Lives: End of Baby Boomers?

by John March 24, 2018

Baby Boomers need to brace their fat, entertainment-addicted, and entitled asses. Because the Baby Boomer Era is officially over. The March For Our Lives just marked it. And calls to stop gun violence are just the beginning.  The next phase will target Boomers as if they were the corrupt special interest group. And you can’t […]

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