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Is Anybody There? Or Going To the Dark Side of Our Future

by John December 9, 2017

(Warning: this post contains my worst fears; my dark side glimpses. But these ramblings need your feedback and help.) Is Anybody There? is the finale number of the musical 1776.  John Adams is alone in the chambers the night before the signing of the Declaration of Independence after the wrenching battles with the Continental Congress.  […]

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Living In The New Gilded Age

by John December 8, 2017

Going back in time can be a fascinating wake-up call. Recently I was transported to the Gilded Age visiting The Breakers Mansion in Newport, RI.  (It will be on an upcoming episode of Undercover Jetsetter.) This Gilded Age mansion was built in the 1870s by the Vanderbilt’s. Inside this now-museum, you can relive the opulence and […]

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What I’m Watching: Ken Burns’ Vietnam

by John December 7, 2017

A warning here.  US Baby Boomers and older might find this documentary series difficult to watch. I mentioned Ken Burns Vietnam to a Vietnam vet. “Why do I want to relive that again?” Then I remembered my flashback while watching the doc. It was 1967. I was 12 serving as an altar boy at the […]

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What Missing From Tax Reform: Smart-Rich Americans

by John October 23, 2017

The Trump tax reform proposal was not entirely crazy. But it failed in two big ways. It fails to realize what is coming. Artificial Intelligence and the block chain technology are going to change the way businesses work and how we will.  Business transactions will be a click and done.  Sounds great, right?  Sure, but […]

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Liberty Health Share is in my DNA

by John October 16, 2017

I’m no joiner. You won’t find me in many clubs or groups. It’s just me. But when I do, I go all in. Take this website and blog.  It’s all about finding solutions when politics and the media can’t or won’t. I’m “all in” with my favorite jobs: news anchor at KTNV in Las Vegas; host of […]

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My Take on NFL Protests No One Will Like

by John September 28, 2017

I hope when you read this on my pages you will continue to voice your opinions.  But I also hope you will stop the attacks on others who voice opinions different from yours. Hear me out on how low we’ve fallen as a nation in our discourse and how this national online shout-fest symbolizes what […]

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Sorry, Football, I Think I Am Done

by John September 18, 2017

I have not seen one football game this season; only small portions; but with little or no interest. Baseball and golf seem to be my sports watching.  Will that change come November?  I don’t think so. Football holds no interest for me anymore. My head, heart, and gut say by watching I would be supporting […]

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March 28, 2012: Day Reason Died in US Politics; Or Real First Day of Trump Revolution

by John August 14, 2017

The day was March 28, 2012.  It’s the day Congress officially — with both parties in majority agreement — killed the Simpson-Bowles Plan. This was a well-researched plan that could have: Reduced our debt while growing the economy Encouraged all segments of American society to sacrifice and work together to make our country truly great again. […]

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Perspectives on Charlottesville

by John August 14, 2017

Consider these points after Charlottesville. Alt-right white supremacist came to the rally armed. The alternate protests apparently did not. Virginia State Police were frightened about the white supremacists’ fire power. Sure, you can compare the driver/killer to the shooter at the GOP softball practice; both are mentally sick. The statue of Robert E Lee at […]

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What We Fail To See

by John August 13, 2017

The carnage and protests in Charlottesville illuminate what we have lost that was once fundamental in American society. It is so evident.  But we ignore it because we fail to understand history and instead listen to our political parties and special-interest bought media pundits. Here’s what they won’t enlighten or remind us about – that […]

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