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March For Our Lives: End of Baby Boomers?

by John on 03/24/2018

Babmarch for our livesy Boomers need to brace their fat, entertainment-addicted, and entitled asses.

Because the Baby Boomer Era is officially over.

The March For Our Lives just marked it.

And calls to stop gun violence are just the beginning.  The next phase will target Boomers as if they were the corrupt special interest group.

And you can’t blame them at all.

Ironically, many Baby Boomers probably applauded the massive marches of these kids.

It was so reminiscent of 1968 when Baby Boomers came of age.  They changed American politics and culture by turning on the American government that lied about the waste of the Vietnam War.

The similarities to 2018 are profound.  Vietnam had slogged on for years without much citizen pushback.  But when Americans finally realized their sons, daughters, brothers, and sisters were being slaughtered in a foreign country to keep an industrial complex in profits and politicians in office that’s when Americans hit the streets and changed the culture.

These kids today, sparked by the school shooting in Parkland, discovered the same outrage.  As in 1968, people were being killed for no reason while an industry and lawmakers seemed to shrug their shoulders.

History lesson:  American politics remains benign or accepting until people’s loved ones die.  That is happening now.

Here’s another historical look-ahead.  Don’t expect these marches to change gun laws.  Already polls show most Americans don’t think the demonstrations will influence lawmakers.

Surprised?  The marches opposing Vietnam started in 1968 and yet the war continued until 1975.  Expect the same today when it comes to gun laws.

And that will only spur more Millennial anger.

Let’s look at the numbers.

Starting in 2019, baby boomers will no longer be the dominant voting group.

The massive amount of Americans born between 1946 and 1964 controlled US culture and policy from the mid-1960s, through the roaring 90s, up until today.

Millennials will eventually realize, once they have power, that the Baby Boomers have not only allowed gun violence to flourish, but also the snuffing out of their and their kids’ future prosperity.

The current budget mentality of lawmakers – mostly Baby Boomers — is to spend, not only taxpayers dollars, but the borrowed dollars that Millennials will have to pay down the road.

My guess these Millennials over the next 20 years will not side with the Baby Boomers and their Medicare funding.  When they look at the hard numbers and realize that every Medicare recipient has paid in only 33% of what they will use in medical bills, leaving the remaining 66% to younger taxpayers then you might see a similar reaction to killing kids futures in the form of schooling, their future jobs, and protection from foreign powers like China and Russia.

My suggestion: Boomers need to start paying attention and realizing they might need to sacrifice to gain some leverage with what will eventually be the next dominant voting class.



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