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US Solutions and Problems Simply Explained

by John on 07/11/2016

072715_1747_ReadIsFunda1.jpgOur American institutions continue to astound.

Elected officials in Washington — both parties — and most of the media — print, broadcast, and social — fail to look at the real problems and solutions.

Instead, we get brawls, bombast, and bravado.

And We The People allow it.

Would you run your company this way?  Would you work for someone who created this kind of work environment?  NO and NO.

And it is not just Trump and the GOP.  What real solutions do Democrats offer besides Anti-Trump?

What’s amazing is that the White House and Congress have no real concrete solutions.  In fact, they don’t even know what the problems are.

The main reason: political elites work for the special interests that pay them so they can get elected and re-elected.

The media feeds into these special interest narratives.

Most of the American public drinks it in.

As a result, we feed the reality show beast – and nothing gets done.

Why?  The politics of today creates more revenue and income for the media and politicians while we, as a nation, continues to struggle.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Read these four simple pieces I have written that explains it all and gets you on the track to thinking correctly – and maybe changing our way of thinking.

Please start paying attention to these real problems and force your elected officials and the media to acknowledge them too.



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