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Part 3: American Solutions; How They Relate to Today’s Headlines

by John on 07/11/2016

031416_2028_TrumpRiotsa1.jpgThis is part 3 of 4 on American Solutions: I have given you the solutions in Part 1 and the problems in Part 2.  Here I talk about how they relate to the headlines of today.

OK so let’s look at some specific problems that are in the headlines.

You will see that the four solutions I outlined in a previous post, along with the underlying real problems.  They address the news headlines with more common sense.

But none of our leaders acknowledge any of this.

Take the two most recent police shootings of black men. Sure, you can blame racism. But it is deeper than that.

Our governments are strained financially. That means less pay and less training for police officers. It also means less experienced police officers. Sure, some may be racist. But clearly most of them are inexperienced.

When you see the video of the incidents you clearly see cops that have not been involved in those situations before. Why is that? The main problem is most of our municipalities are strapped financially.

The financial shortfalls also have hurt mental health services — especially for returning vets from the foreign wars.  Look at the Dallas shooter.  In addition, our leaders failed to look ahead or account for the financial consequences for decades to come that we will be paying for sending in US troops.  I am no isolationist; if we have to go to war then let’s go.  But let’s go prepared and financed.

What is the main reason for the shortfalls though?

Special interests.

These are corporations that get major tax breaks while avoiding paying higher taxes and failing to produce jobs that’s a promise.  They even get big tax breaks for hiring lobbyists to get their tax revenues down.

Another special interest is the home mortgage deduction. Sure that allows us to buy more of a house, but it reduces money from the federal coffers. It also creates a market in the home buying industry that is distorted and has led to continual booms and busts.

The last boom and bust led to the great recession of 2008. In addition, cities and towns are being strapped by state governments. So, homeowners are left footing the bill for local services and they are getting short changed.

The other problem is there are a lot of out of work people. You will hear Donald Trump complain about immigrants taking our jobs. That is partially true. However, most immigrants are taking unskilled jobs.

But if you look deeper you will see that the problem is we don’t have enough trained workers. We need some form of massive retraining so these jobs can be filled.

During The Depression the problem was too many workers. The problem today is there are not enough skilled workers.

Sure, Hillary and Bernie are talking about free tuition. Again that is taking care of a symptom, not a cause.

We need massive retraining for people to work in the digital age. If you want to go get an art history degree, that’s fine. But do it on your nickel.

Again, what candidate is talking about the solutions in totality?

The answer: none of them.

Why can’t some of us start talking common sense so politicians might listen?

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