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American Solutions: It’s Not That Complicated; Part 1

by John on 07/11/2016

031416_1823_LiveBloggin1.jpgThis is the first of four pieces that outlines the solutions, the problems, and how they are being ignored by our politicians and most of Americans while the country trudges through tough times.  I liken it to a parent whose 4-year-old keeps stealing the keys to car and driving while failing to hide the keys.

What’s annoying about all the political coverage is the dominance of drama and the lack of solutions.

Whether you are for Trump, Hillary, or Bernie you are only feeding this beast of a political reality show.

Nothing gets solved.

But there are four solutions that need immediate attention that could control or curtail many of our problems.

  • The first is tax reform. But that won’t be addressed because special interests own Congress.
  • Second, we need entitlement reform – – – especially Medicare. But that won’t happen because baby boomers and old people vote even though Medicare in the next 10 years will possibly collapse our economy and budget. And Medicare recipients have only paid 1/3 of what they will use in medical bills.
  • Third, we need retraining for workers to survive in the 21st-century digital economy.
  • Fourth, we need investment in infrastructure: roads, bridges, and Internet.

What will all 4 do? It will reduce the deficit while also grow the economy.

Name one candidate who is talking about this. There is none. That is sad.

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