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Part 2: American Solutions; The Real Underlying Problems

by John on 07/11/2016

072715_1356_HuckPlaysHo4.jpgThis is part 2 of 4 on American Solutions.  Here I look at what the real underlying problems are that are facing us that the Solutions in Part 1 would control or curtail. 

In a previous post I outlined four solutions that politicians and the majority of Americans refuse to look at.

Those four solutions would alleviate problems such as income equality, lack of good paying jobs, and help end strained government budgets.

While Trump, Hillary, and Bernie argue the reality show topics, they fail to realize the underlying problems we face.

  • The first is an aging society. Because baby boomers are retiring in huge numbers, there will be more people taking rather than giving. That forces the younger generation to support a bigger chunk of society. When I was a kid, I was 1 of 4 workers who were contributing to one retiree. Today that is just the opposite. Younger workers today have to support more retirees.
  • Second, technology is eliminating, not creating, jobs. So we are asking this new generation of workers to take less pay with less opportunity and support even more of us older folks. Until we understand this, we won’t solve anything.

We need to reduce our debt, while, at the same time, grow our economy. That will take sacrifice on all sectors of our society.

But we cannot tax, cut, or grow our way out of this fiscal mess. We need to do all three together.

Name me one candidate who is talking about that.

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