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Wisconsin Recall Proves One Thing

by John on 06/10/2012

That one thing is that you need Informed Not Inflamed.

You’re hearing and seeing so much written on the “outside money”, the PAC-dollars in the race that kept Governor Scott Walker in office.

Here are the facts:

  1. It was the state’s most expensive race.
  2. Walker clearly won with a substantial (in political terms) margin of victory.

Here’s what we don’t know:

  1. The excessive amount of money tilted the race toward Walker and away from Barrett. 
  2. Public unions are done.
  3. Wisconsin’s economy will now grow.
  4. Wisconsin’s economy will contract.

Here’s why you need Informed Not Inflamed.

  • You will get both – or many sides – of an issue and an election.  We will never really know if the money spent by billionaires and the special interests tainted or influenced the election.
  • More specifically, listening to what billionaires say is alright.  They have success, so it is worthwhile for all of us – liberals too – to understand their perspectives. 
  • But we also need to question these billionaires.  They didn’t become successful entirely based on their success: they most likely rode a great 1990s economy and they were at least 33% lucky if they started their own company and 50% lucky if the company was handed down to them. 
  • We also need to know what their biases are; we need disclosure from these people.
  • We also need to examine why the public labor unions failed to win over more Democratic voters in Wisconsin after forcing a recall vote.  Maybe people in Wisconsin are also – or more — concerned about the mathematics of public salaries and pensions.
  • Voters are not necessarily rejecting public unions.  They’re merely saying it’s impossible to keep the promises made by lawmakers – short-sighted and well-meaning – in the past.

Bottom line:

Neither political party is addressing the future and the massive changes underway.  In truth, both parties are trying to maintain the status quo from the 1980s and 1990s for their paid (bribing) special interests including the media.

It’s 2012, folks.  Time to start looking at news and politics in today’s perspective.

You’ll get it here — efficiently and without wasting your time.  Keep checking in.


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