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Dylan Ratigan Leaving MSNBC

by John on 06/10/2012

Dylan Ratigan

Dylan Ratigan is apparently tired of the cable news non-sense and the media bias.

He is rather polite in his departure when commenting about cable news and its growing irrelevance. From the New York Times:

Cable news, he said Sunday, “is designed to argue about rules and resources, and who should control them,” especially in an election year. That’s an argument that he’s no longer interested in having, he implied, though he went out of his way to thank MSNBC and NBC News.

Ratigan is walking from a $1 million a year salary. 

Ratigan’s show seemed more interested in solutions rather than dwelling on the problems — something he wants to continue in a new, unknown venture.  Also from the New York Times:

Mr. Ratigan said he would keep in touch with viewers through his personal Web site,, which includes a campaign-style e-mail list. “Basically my plan is to meet with tons of people, learn from tons of people, and then figure out a way to take the narrative I’ve been talking about, and show the most effective ways to resolve it.”

We’re all searching for new ways to communicate, educate, and portray to all of you what is really happening in this changing world of ours.  I believe Ratigan had that sense despite working for an organization that is doing its best to stop the spread of news and information — unless it is theirs.

In TV, there is usually a lot of jealousy.  When someone gets a job in TV, others in TV are not happy; jobs are finite in TV’s small, oligarchical world.  It leads to the famous actor-turned-anchor joke:

How many TV news anchors does it take to screw in a light bulb?  Answer: 5.  One to screw it in.  Four to stand around and say, “I could have done it better.”

So, in honor of the worldwide web’s vast audience and opportunity: Go for it, Dylan.  And we welcome you.

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