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More Changes For You Here On Informed Not Inflamed

by John on 06/10/2012

Here’s a heads up.  You will notice over the next few weeks some added — and more convenient — content.

We will add podcasts.  So, you can just click and listen if you don’t want to read.  The posts, as they are now, will remain.

But here’s a look at the three types of podcasts:

  1. Instructional Podcasts: these are 2-to-5 minute audio recordings on how to become informed not inflamed.  You will better understand: what media bias really is; how to read newspapers efficiently; when you should watch TV news; and how to engage in productive and considerate political discussions with friends and family without losing them.
  2. Expert Interviews: I will discuss pertinent issues with experts from around the world.  The topics will be politics, the economy, financial insight, the new media, and media bias.  You will not have any celebrity interviews.  I may have celebrities on the podcasts, but they will not be pushing a movie or TV show.  And I promise there will be no elected officials on the federal or state levels; they are too tainted with special interest money.
  3. Daly Diatribes: These audio-casts will be my take on the same issues.  The mood of these verbal op-eds will be serious, boring in relation to TV news anchor-types with no lines such as “shocking news”, funny, and slightly goofy – to match my personality.

Eventually, Informed Not Inflamed will be a video site and an online TV station.

Let me know your thoughts.

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