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Your Boss Can Demand Genetic Testing on You? Maybe. How To Avoid It

by John on 03/10/2017

genetic testingThat might be happening, if a new bill passes the full Congress.

Your boss could demand genetic testing on you as an employee.  And if you refuse, you could get whacked with higher premiums on your employer healthcare benefits.

Sure, this seems like an invasion of privacy.  “Stop government, but wait, it is OK for our bosses?”

But let’s be fair.  Look at it from the boss’s point of view.  A for-profit company is designed to make money and keep costs low.  Skyrocketing medical costs due to an employee with a potentially catastrophic condition would be something any owner would want to avoid since it might take down a company or force layoffs.  Sounds cruel?  Sure, but what about the rest of the employees?

Sound arguments on both sides, right?  Sure.  But they are all unnecessary. 

This bill also shows how idiotic our political leaders are when it comes to healthcare, privacy and creating a real free-market system.

Here’s how many of you can avoid all of this.

How?  Liberty HealthShare is how I do it.

I take care of my own healthcare.  I can go from job to job.  Anyone who hires me doesn’t even have to think about taking care of me if I am sick.  I have already done it for them.

Think about what that will do for employees.

  • You can move from job to job or start your own company. Your healthcare goes with you.
  • Your boss can hire and pay you based on your skills, not how much healthcare benefits you want.

Think about what this will do for employers.

  • You can move staff from doing insurance bookkeeping to a department that helps you make money.
  • You can hire someone who really wants to work there, not someone who just wants benefits.

Think about what that does for the country.

  • We now have 50x more consumers out on the healthcare market driving down prices and increasing competition.

Of course, that means employees will have to go out and get their own healthcare.

Oh, you don’t want to do that?

Then, enjoy the possibility of genetic testing.

(Disclosure: I am a member of Liberty HealthShare and I work as a spokesperson for them while creating a nationally syndicated radio show and some upcoming TV specials.)




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