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Storm About To Hit?

by John on 02/20/2017

TrumpPutinReading tea leaves here … but it looks like a $#!T storm … a coordinated effort to take down Trump and his Administration.

Here’s what I’m seeing.

Take a look at this article by the New York Times detailing Trump campaign connections to Russian intelligence and financial interests with the Trump Empire.

Watch this exchange between Chris Wallace on Fox news Sunday with Reince Priebus.

Notice also that FBI director Comey has met with Senate Intelligence Committee.

And then right after we start hearing from John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Marco Rubio about Republicans ability to investigate a GOP White House and its possible connections to Russia during the election.

It seems the forces against Trump might be coalescing against him.

Sure, I am seeing a lot of push-back from folks online.

It’s really time to move on from the Russia stuff. No smoke. No fire. Just a WHOLE LOTTA useless speculation and weird attempts to connect dots. As the linked article says, “What significance that has in all of this I’m not sure.”

Joining those voices are Rush Limbaugh, on Fox News and his radio show, calling this a left-wing, Democratic conspiracy led by Obama and Hillary.

Is it?  We don’t know.

But there seems to be new alliances forming — not there before — and it is not just the loud left.

What’s behind it?

Is it based on actual criminal or corrupt practices found by law enforcement?

We don’t know.

Could it possibly be caused by Trump’s chaotic message that is frightening intelligence operatives to leak info?

For the past few weeks, Trump’s comments seem to contradict his experts and officials in his administration. Those contradictions leave doubts in our allies and make the world far more confusing not only for the military but for businesses.

Listen to the comments from Bret Stephens, editorial page writer for the Wall Street Journal and the author of America in Retreat.  He wonders how conservative pundits may regret not speaking out against Trump by just shrugging their shoulders at his policies.

And there are a number of conspiracy articles accusing Steve Bannon of orchestrating a coup so only the executive branch rules the country.

We don’t know anything yet.

Granted, I am only connecting media dots here.

But whether I am right or wrong, the massive split and confusion could hurt our country.

Now is the time to stay informed with vigilance.  Reading a wide range of opinions and ideas.

Yes, this is fascinating stuff. But it is also scary stuff.

I worry that our leaders, and the media, are more involved in a high-stakes political game rather than worrying about solutions for the population of United States.

No one is talking about the real underlying problems: an aging society and technology diminishing jobs and salaries.

No one talks about solutions: tax reform; entitlement reform; infrastructure investment; and job retraining investment.

Too many of our political leaders, the media, and way too many Americans are taking on the same political money fight on behalf of the members of Congress who are only trying to raise money from special interests.

Time for us to wake up soon.  Because when the storm hits, we will only have ourselves to blame.

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