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Summer of War Ahead For Iran?

by John on 04/23/2013

Is Iran finally seeing its neighbors turn on them?

The French newspaper Le Figaro says Jordan has allowed Israel to use its airspace to monitor Syria.

No one is commenting or confirming this.

If true, though, this is big.

First, a Sunni Arab country is letting the the air force of the infidel Israelis to use its airspace to stop Shiite influenced Syria and its backer Iran.  And none of the Arab countries are complaining.  

Sure, the US just sold upgraded weapons systems to both Israel and some Arab states.  And yes, Jordan is trying to stop the flow of Syrian refugees into Jordan.

Still, what trumps everything is the Sunni states — with the urging and backing of the US — are at least tacitly working with the Israelis.  So much for “the enemy of my enemy…”

Second, the civil war in Syria is growing into a bigger stalemate — tying up Iranian resources and manpower.  Iran is also spread thin in the rest of Arabia and North Africa.  Add to that the crippling economic sanctions and lack of oil production.

What better time to hit Iran and its proxies.

Remember, Chuck Hagel said the Israelis have the green light to attack Syria and Iran.  And still no response from the Sunni Arab states.

Third, this could mean a bloody summer.


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