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Extremist Islam Coordinating

by John on 04/23/2013

Are Islamic terrorists beginning to organize in North America?  Or have they been organized for years and are now allowing their plots to surface?

Maybe.  And if so, this is chilling.

Canada has just thwarted an apparent terror plot.  Two suspects were allegedly planning to blow up a passenger train.

But this story has a few new twists.

  1. Terrorists are apparently targeting Canada.  The US is apparently not the only infidels.  This raises questions from my other post about possible sleeper cells in Boston connected to the Boston Marathon bombing.  Authorities, however, are quick to say these arrests in Canada have no connection to Boston.
  2. Support for these alleged terrorists came from “al-Qaeda elements in Iran,” according to authorities.  Remember, Sunnis and Shiites probably kill each other more than they kill Americans or other infidels.  

If this is true, it shows how the Islamic Republic of Iran and its Fascist regime is willing to do anything to fight the infidel.

Here’s more from the same AP article.

Bruce Riedel, a CIA veteran who is now a Brookings Institution senior fellow, said al-Qaeda has had a clandestine presence in Iran since at least 2001 and that neither the terror group nor Tehran speak openly about it.

“The Iranian regime kept some of these elements under house arrest,” he said in an email to The Associated Press. “Some probably operate covertly. AQ members often transit Iran traveling between hideouts in Pakistan and Iraq.”

U.S. intelligence officials have long tracked limited al-Qaida activity inside Iran. Remnants of al-Qaeda’s so-called management council are still there, though they are usually kept under virtual house arrest by an Iranian regime suspicious of the Sunni-/Salafi-based militant movement. There are also a small number of financiers and facilitators who help move money, and sometimes weapons and people throughout the region from their base in Iran.

 The implications are huge:

  • We could have many sleeper cells in our midst that hit us with great surprise.  The Boston Marathon bombers walked among us; heck, some of Dzhohkar Tsarnaev’s American buddies say they’d testify on his behalf at a trial.
  • This could be a massive political backlash against the CIA and FBI.  How could they miss this?
  • Certainly this will be a stain on the Obama White House easily pounced on by the GOP for political gains.
  • It should be an indictment of our crony capitalism that has brought us trillions of armaments and weapons programs to fight non-existent enemies like the Soviet Union during the 1970s which is almost a half century ago.
  • It should also be an indictment of China and Russia.  Both countries appear to either foment, work with, or turn a blind eye to these terrorists because it keeps the US occupied militarily and economically.  China appears to be brokering deals in Africa to gain control of the world’s resources while accommodating the Jihadist movements.


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