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Michael Moore Is Wrong

by John on 11/11/2016

michael_mooreMichael Moore has a 5-point plan to derail the Trump presidency and help anti-Trump supporters in the election aftermath.

While I agree with some of his principles, I wholeheartedly disagree with his means.

After reading his treatise, the so-called liberal documentary filmmaker seems more like a Republican in Progressive clothing.

  • He wants the impeachment of Donald Trump on his first day in office. Where have we heard that? Oh yeah, 2008 through 2016 about Barack Obama by the Congressional GOP.  Just as I ridiculed the GOP then, you have to equally ridicule Moore. 
  • Encouraging civil disobedience to subvert the legitimate vote of the people? Isn’t that illegal and unpatriotic?  Didn’t we see that in The South already?

All he’s doing is putting more gas on the fire.

  1. It’s childish to encourage more childish behavior.
  2. He’s beating his head against a brick wall. Too many conservatives are unmovable. Jonathan Haidt writes in The Righteous Mind, that most conservatives are wired to passionately believe what they believe.  By pushing this agenda, all Moore is doing is convincing them who their opponents are.
  3. This is an NRA tactic. Bringing more guns and less reason to a fight has been proven wrong.
  4. Fourth, you are not addressing real solutions, which, if implemented would solve so many problems we face.

There is a smarter approach.

  • The first is through legislation and peaceful advocacy that also includes the fears and needs of the Trump supporters just voiced.
  • The second is to realize that the Trump voters feel like victims too. The sexism and racism that seeped out from Trump and a portion of his supporters was from people who felt that they were being ignored the American Dream.  You are doing what the media and the Clinton campaign did.  You are not knocking on their doors and listening to them.

The irony is that Michael Moore correctly saw that plight and anger – more than any Hillary supporter.  He predicted Trump’s victory.  So why would he deny their triumph of what appears to be a legitimate vote.

Granted, Moore is just as emotional as the Trump supporters.

Don’t get me wrong.  I feel it and I get it.

  • I too am worried and frightened for minorities and women under a Trump Administration.
  • I worry about my business – the news and fact business – being obliterated by a campaign that clearly ignores facts. Bending reality may be something we talk about to shape one’s mind to improve things, but to subvert or deny goodness to others is wrong.

But Michael Moore is falling into the same trap.  And it will most likely be a needless effort.  What will most likely happen is Trump supporters will drop The Donald in 6 months to a year.

Tell me this scenario is off-base:

Trump supporters will slowly realize that the jobs of the 1980s are not coming back.  They could also experience a worse recession when trade deals are cancelled dampening the world’s economy.  What could be worse is that Trump realizes this economic reality and reneges on his campaign promises.  Then supporters would feel even more betrayed.  Just yesterday we see Wall Street and the big banks now rallying around Trump after they were associated with Hillary. 

So, Michael Moore, why push them even further into what will most likely be more of the Trump alter world of facts?  Think about it.  Moore and his followers create havoc and uncertainty and guess who the Trump supporters blame?  It won’t be Trump if this treatise is pushed forward.

I read a tweet that said Trump supporters didn’t do any damage or violence, they just quietly went to the polls and voted. For the most part, that is true.

Sure, some Trump supporters are stupidly blaming the recent anti-Trump protest on ISIS and George Soros. But why would Michael Moore want to continue feeding this?

Hopefully, the silent, intelligent majority of us can help change this thinking.  And the change has to happen within each individual.

Here are some good exercises:

  • Try listening to somebody you don’t agree with and say nothing. Just listen.  Don’t critique.  Take a minute to understand why they are saying it.  If they ask for your opinion, give it kindly.
  • Try reading a post from someone you don’t agree with and re-post nothing and don’t delete them as a friend or contact.  Now take a minute to really understand why they are posting it.  You might not like it, but just try.
  • Post items yourself that are truthful and based on facts and credible sources.
  • Let people post criticisms of your thoughts without firing back.  You won’t change anyone.  Plus, the smart people read and understand.  I have had a lot of praise for my posts through personal conversations or personal emails — not on public posts.

Granted, social media gives us psychopaths.  If someone advocates specific violence toward someone then I delete them.

Other than that, I enjoy reading the posts of even people with warped and myopic realities.  Sure, some are lazy, short-sighted, selfish, uninformed, and inconsiderate, but they are that way for a reason.  They are not going away.  Better to know what they’re thinking than being surprised at it.

So, don’t be afraid to tell Michael Moore you understand where he is coming from, but you don’t like his tactics.

Don’t afraid to tell me either.  Your thoughts?

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