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March Madness Picks

by John on 03/20/2013


I am participating in the Cool Kids March Madness competition.  It’s a great charity.  It’s only $20 per bracket.

Here are my Informed Not Inflamed (yeah right) picks.

Duke wins the national Championship beating Indiana, 74-70.  Sorry, Mr. President.

I am picking Duke because they’re rested after being ousted early in ACC tourney.  What they have done since Kelly came back makes me think they’re the best team.  Duke is also due some good breaks.

Georgetown and Gonzaga round-out my Final Four.

Here are some of my upsets:

  • Oregon (12) beating Oklahoma State (5) in round one.  The Ducks go one to beat St. Louis (4) in the second round before losing to Louisville (1) in the Elite 8.
  • Minnesota (11) over UCLA (6) in round one.
  • Montana (13) over Syracuse (4) in round one.
  • Bucknell (11) to beat Butler (6) in round one.
  • Cal (12) to beat UNLV (5) in round one.  Cal’s almost like a home team.
  • New Mexico (3) gets to the Elite 8 before being ousted by Gonzaga.
  • VCU (5) makes it the Elite 8 before being ousted by Georgetown.
  • I over-eat on Thursday and Friday.

Give me yours.


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