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Duggar Story Way Overboard

by John on 06/04/2015

Here’s one version of the latest installment of the reality show’s off-screen reality that is being blown up thanks to social media and partisanship.

First, where is the forgiveness? He was a teen at the time. He apparently got counselling. It did not rise to the level of a criminal offense.

Second, let’s not get carried away with the term “molest.”

Third, the hoopla is loud because Josh Duggar was a lobbyist for the Family Research Council, a conservative Christian group. Left-wing opponents point to his alleged hypocrisy. Really? (Go back to first point.) However, this is the same stuff that conservative loud mouths do when liberals get caught in their own hypocrisy. So please, stop lining up on one side or the other.

Fourth, the real crime is having 19 kids. There has to be some psychological problems along the way when you produce nearly two football teams.

I know many institutional religions will say contraception is against their beliefs. Well, eating pork is OK now thanks to modern science. Mormons drink Coke and accept African Americans while not having the need for polygamy anymore. The Catholic Church is allowing some priests to marry.

Let’s look at the problems facing the world today: it all goes back to natural resources.

Why do you think China is moving into Africa? They have resources to keep the Chinese economy going.

Do you think Iran really came to the bargaining table just because of nukes? No, they have severe drought and lack enough water. Russia is the same way.

The unrest in poor areas of the United States – especially Baltimore – is because there are too many kids and not enough parents, training, education, or jobs.

I am not proponent of abortion on demand, but if you look at the drop in crime in the 1990s, the book Freakanomics makes a good case that the passage of Roe vs. Wade allowing abortion in 1973 led to fewer unwanted children in the world, thus reducing the crime rate. Would I swear to that as the case? No, but it is also hard to dismiss.

Fifth, reality TV is not real. There is not a show on TV today that isn’t scripted and formatted ahead of time. No studio executive will fund a show without knowing what will happen in the first episode all the way to the last episode. It would be career suicide.

Sixth, which, of course, makes you realize the last real reality show was Real TV. You’re welcome.




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