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An Economic (Healthcare) Development Plan We Can All Use

by John on 06/03/2015

OK I admit it. This is a post about Liberty Health Share.

I have posted about why I think it is inevitable and how it is a pioneering company that will change healthcare in America.

But here’s how it could change you.

First, let’s say you are just out of college looking for a job. Wouldn’t it be great to walk into a prospective boss and say at the end of a job interview, “By the way, I already have my healthcare taken care of.” What boss wouldn’t hire you?

It’s easy. Join Liberty Health Share. Here’s how it saved me a ton of money and allowed me to reduce costs for my business.

Second, let’s say you are one of those folks who hate Obamacare. You don’t like being told what to do – by anyone let alone the government.

I get it.

My take on Obamacare is this: it had good intentions but it created less free market conditions and has failed to keep costs down. Still, the ACA makes allowances for health sharing ministries or medical cost sharing – which Liberty Health is. So, as a member, I am exempt from the penalties and fines for not having health insurance. Remember, this is not health insurance.

So, you decide to protest Obamacare. First, you are subject to penalties from the IRS. Second, if you get sick or injured, you are responsible for the entire medical bill which is usually priced for insurance patients. In other words, it is probably 20-times more than what you should be paying.

I saw it happen with Greg Chappell, of Orlando, Florida. Thankfully, his girlfriend Kathleen Donnelly signed him up for Liberty Health Share. Besides avoiding the penalty, Greg also avoided about $300,000 of debt – that he would have had to pay himself — in medical bills after his surprise heart attack at age 54. He only had to pay his $1,000 unshared amount while the remainder of the bills were paid by Liberty HealthShare members – after it was re-priced by Liberty Health Share.

If they didn’t have it, his girlfriend Kathleen told me, “We would have been broke.” And worse, they would have been paying those bills off for years or decades.

The lower cost of Liberty Health Share programs allows Greg to continue his work as an independent home inspector. He gets to work the job he wants – not take a job because the employer has health insurance.

Granted, Liberty Health Share is not for everyone.

If you feel more comfortable with insurance, then stay with it. (I still think health insurance is going the way of Blockbuster.)

If you are getting a government subsidy for your health insurance, then you are probably not eligible for medical cost sharing.

However, if you have a job, or you work independently, or you run your own business – WTF are you waiting for?

Want info now? Call (888) 616-9443



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