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Benghazi Hearings Preview

by John on 05/08/2013

I will be keeping an eye on the hearings despite being in a conference.

Some things to think about.

  • First, there could be some political cover up here to aid — or not hurt — the Obama campaign as it headed into the months before November, 2012.  This is a legitimate question to ask: did the Chicago campaign decide foreign policy where 4 Americans were killed?
  • Second, is this just a political gotcha from the Right still angry or trying to find Bush’s Iraqi WMD claims?
  • Third, what won’t be said is how our elected officials – from both parties – caused this situation.  We have built a military over the last 40 years to fight the Soviet Union in the 1970s – not a low-tech insurgency of Muslim extremists.  We need more Special Forces who can work with indigenous populations not more fighter jets.  In short, we are trying to get rid of a swarm of ants by using a gun. 


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