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Benghazi Hearings Reveal Real Culprits

by John on 05/11/2013

Benghazi Hearing Greg Hicks,jpgNo matter what side you’re on with the Benghazi incident, step back and look at what is really happening.

If you’re arguing for or against the White House and the Administration, you’re also failing to look at the most important points.  They are:

  • We’re all Americans.
  • Political parties have an easy time at controlling us.
  • We’re funding our military to fight the wrong enemy.

When you read news stories, blogs, or social media postings about Benghazi, one thing is apparent.  We are all arguing small ball stuff.  We’re playing inside politics.

I am not downplaying what happened in Benghazi at all.

benghazi-terrorist-e1351301212395Sure, it looks like someone in the White House, State Department, Obama Campaign Headquarters, or the CIA covered up, distorted, or twisted reality for political reasons heading into the presidential election.  And yes, the cover-up might be worse than the management screw-up.

And yes, 4 Americans died in service to their country.  And those who worked with them all feel the emotional loss.

But I don’t hear anyone talking about trying to correct the things that led to the deadly attacks.  Furthermore, the real causes of the attacks are the basis of our confused and erratic foreign policy. And to a greater extent, both political parties – and their lap-dog cable networks — are making the problem worse.  And all of us are to blame.

Here’s the truth.

We’re supposed to be fighting Islamic extremists yet we’ve funded our military for decades to fight the Soviet Union in the 1970s.

Did anyone but me laugh out loud when the officials testifying about Benghazi said they wanted fighter jets to buzz the consulate to chase away the terrorists?  Really!  That’s how we use our fighter jets now?  They’re million dollar leaf blowers?  That’s like using a baseball bat to swat a fly.

And has anyone raised the issue that the terrorists who hit the Benghazi consulate might have been using the same weapons we gave them to take down Gaddafi – the same weapons so many members of Congress pushed for?  No.

We spend nearly $1 million/year/service member and yet we can’t protect our diplomats.  There’s something wrong here.  Sure, there is enough evidence to say that Ambassador Stephens went to the consulate on his own without adequate security, but why should he have to even risk that?

The problem is – and has been – Congress currying favor to voters for jobs in their districts with military contractors.  And most our Presidents can take some blame too.  As a result, we have created military armaments that make no sense for our security today.

We need more highly-trained Special Forces who can work with local indigenous populations friendly to us to fight the insurgents they know.  Instead, we buy more fighter jets and bombing systems that even the military brass says they don’t want or need.

Why? The political parties are run by special moneyed interests. The Democrats and the GOP are clubs of bribe-takers.

They are set up to bring in gobs of special interest money.  The Supreme Court has legitimized the whole charade as a First Amendment right.

Here’s the real tragedy.  We Americans let it happen.  And to add insult to injury, we buy the garbage arguments created by the political parties to take care of the special interests.

That’s why we hear the Democrats only defending the White House and protecting Hillary Clinton, their apparent 2016 presidential candidate.  Meanwhile the only thing we get from the GOP is their efforts to take down Democrats on foreign policy after the Democratic victory of killing bin Laden and the GOP debacle of Iraq under George W. Bush.

It’s all about winning political points.  Look even deeper.  It’s about creating that perfect political campaign ad.  Karl Rove already has an ad running denouncing Hillary as the cause of Benghazi – two and a half years before the next presidential election!

And you won’t hear the media talk about what I am saying here.  They can’t.  The distortions are where their revenues come from.

The corporately-owned media is one reason these political parties have such an easy time making us see what they want us to see.

The other reason is the majority of Americans are uninformed and lazy.  It’s so much easier to rely on what paid partisans want us to hear.

So, you want to really blame someone for Benghazi?

Blame yourself.

If you can’t take a look at your role in this mess, then you are not a real American.

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