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Zimmerman Verdict React

by John on 07/13/2013

We need to accept the verdict.

Remember, we are Americans who believe in a system of law.

A jury heard the case and they decided.

There is no doubt the prosecution did not prove beyond a reasonable doubt.  I actually thought both the prosecution and defense did an OK job.  Did they make some mistakes?  Sure but that is inside baseball.

We need to understand the disappointment from the Trayvon Martin family and supporters.  I would agree that a young man was killed after being followed.  And I think the Florida Stand Your Ground Law is something that needs to be re-considered.  And I have no doubt there was political profiling and racism that was let off the hook.

However, and this is a big however, any violence in reaction to this verdict is wrong.

It’s the same thing I said to the Cuban American community during the Elian Gonzalez that tried to stop US law by not letting the boy go back to his dad in Cuba:

Are you Cuban or American?  If you’re American, follow American law.  If you’re Cuban, then fight the law and leave this country if you can’t follow our laws.

Let’s respect a jury that considered all the evidence.

If you want change, do it through organization and the political process.

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