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Woodward Versus White House: Silly Inside Politics; Follow The Money

by John on 02/28/2013


One bias I have brought to you is the NFL Bias.

The NFL Bias is where elected officials act like NFL players and owners.  They beat each other’s brains out for our entertainment – and for our dollars.  Yet behind the scenes, they work together to ensure they get all of our money.

That’s the Woodward-White House feud.

The majority of us are rolling our eyes and shrugging our shoulders – but not political partisans.

So, to the political extremists: Stop fueling this feud.  You look stupid and petty.

Here’s the Informed Not Inflamed take:

  • Paying attention to this spat does nothing to help the financial situation of the nation.  It’s like arguing who should win the MVP.  It’s an interesting conversation but it has nothing to do with who wins and who loses the games.
  • White House is wrong to threaten any journalist.  You channel Lincoln, TR, or FDR – not Nixon.  White House should apologize. 
  • Woodward is too thin-skinned.  Going public looks petty; he’s supposed to be bigger than that.  Every administration makes some threats. 
  • Gene Sperling, WH Econ Adviser, admits to writing the email.  He releases the emails here.  Read for yourself.
  • “Follow the money” – as quoted by Deep Throat in the film, not the book, “All The President’s Men.”  Woodward is not just a journalist; he’s an author who makes big money; in short, he is an entrepreneur who is trying to make money and a big splash for his brand.  Remember, Woodward got his hand slapped for holding back info from the Washington Post for his book.   The White House was really threatening his access to the White House for future earnings.  That’s probably why Woodward went public with email.  Follow the money!  Welcome to the new media.
  • Woodward had the facts right.  Sequester was first raised to Congressional Leaders by Jack Lew.
  • Woodward got the context wrong.  GOP voted for it.  Sequester is a GOP tool introduced back in the 1980s.  Goofy analogy: The Doctor tells me I have cancer of the leg and he needs to remove it.  I agree.  He cuts off my leg.  I then blame him that I have only one leg.
  • One question: where’s Bernstein on this?

This looks like schoolyard arguments.

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