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Why GOP Congress Control Not So Bad

by John on 10/20/2014

No I am not backing either side in the mid-term elections.

Vote your conscience or based on the issues that hit home with you.

Remember whether you vote for the Democrat or the Republican, both of them have taken donations from special interests which, in my mind, is bribery not freedom of speech.

Still, I am leaning slightly to the right for GOP control of both houses.

Here’s a great article from The Economist that echoes some of my optimism.

Yes, I can hear many of you warning me about the impending disappointment.

But here’s what I am thinking.

First, GOP moderates are tired of their right-wing nut cases like most Americans. Guys like Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) seem to have a better chance of shepherding some sound legislation while working with Obama.

Second, President Obama will be in his final two years. He wants some legacy of getting something done. He won’t have to pander to the far-left; there are no more elections for his term. And despite the GOP sound machine, Obama is not a screaming liberal. He is apparently as hawkish as his predecessor George W. Bush. He is, so far, not as environmentally left since he has not cancelled the XL Pipeline. My guess, he approves it in December.

Third, we saw results in the final two years of the Clinton Administration when he had a GOP controlled Congress. Clinton acquiesced to a number of government reforms championed by the GOP such as workfare and reducing the size of government. Granted, as a country, we didn’t pay attention to the foreign problem that would hit on 9/11 and we don’t have a 1990s economy any more.

Still, if Obama and moderate Republicans can control things then some good stuff can happen finally.

We could see action on immigration reform, tax reform, and possibly a Grand Bargain as outlined in the Simpson-Bowles Plan.

We desperately need to cut long-term deficits coming from Medicare and Social Security – but not short-term deficits. Right now, we need to invest in infrastructure and worker re-training for the 21st Century.

Give me your take.

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