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What I’m Reading Zero To One by Peter Thiel

by John on 01/22/2015

This is worth a read for many of you.

Who should read Zero To One:

  • Anyone embarking on new business start up
  • Anyone looking for a job with a start up
  • Independent sales reps looking for an edge in the new economy
  • Anyone wanting to learn the new economy

Peter Thiel is the founder of PayPal. He offers advice on new technology and making a disruptive businesses.

Primarily, he shows you how to create a business that will become a monopoly.

He is not talking about a government sponsored monopoly but a business that is the only one (from zero to one) controlling the market that nobody else can get into. Think Google, Facebook, and Paypal.

These are the types of companies I want to work with – and the ones that will create the new jobs.

But even if you work for a company that is not disruptive or a market monopoly, this book can help you create your own monopoly within your skills and specialty. In short, offer them something no one else does or can.

I listened to it during three good workout sessions on Audible.

Go for it. Tell me your review.

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