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Trump Really Working For Obama

by John on 05/30/2012

So, here’s what’s going on.  People are dying in government massacres in Syria.  Europe is teetering on economic collapse.   Congress is threatening more credit downgrades by pushing the debt ceiling debate.

And what is the media dwelling on?  Donald Trump campaigns for Mitt Romney using the birther argument.

This is so ridiculous I am almost embarrassed to write about it.

  • George Will was right.  Trump is a bloviating ignoramus.  However, in Trump’s case, that’s redundant. 
  • And conservative New York Times Columnist Ross Douthat calls Romney’s endorsement of Trump’s endorsement “a deep miscalculation.”  He nicely explains why Romney really doesn’t need Trump; the right-wing whackos (another redundancy) will already vote against Obama. 

Here’s the Informed Not Inflamed take.

  1. This is the entertainment bias so pervasise in the media, more than the left-right bias, I outlined for you before.  All local and cable news stations will run this issue into the ground.  Come on, Lindsay Lohan isn’t in court.  (I shudder still at the times NECN news executives made me front storieseverytime Lohan made a court appearance.)
  2. Trump’s performances also prove what one of my smart NECN colleagues once said about Mitt Romney.  “His campaign slogan should be: I’m Mitt Romney and I really, really want to be President.”  I don’t think this newsperson would want me to mention their name.
  3. Having an excessive amount of money does not mean you’re smart.  Trump had a father who helped him, investors who took big chances on him despite bankruptcy, and the excessive money and credit years of the 1990s and the early 2000s – which he desperately wants again.

But here’s a wild Informed Not Inflamed prediction. 

Trump is secretly working for Obama.  How do I know?  Look who won Celebrity Apprentice.

OK, I’m done with Trump.  You too?

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