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Ryan Reviewed

by John on 03/14/2013



This is a good take on Paul Ryan’s budget.

I need your take.

But here’s my take:

We are facing a massive growth in aging Americans.  Every 8 seconds a baby-boomer retires.

Like it or not, we will become more socialist.  If you don’t like this socialist bent, then here’s the recourse.  We will default, renege, or run away on the commitments made by politicians from the 1970s-on who had no foresight into the future of America.

So, either we default on all those commitments or we go back and put all those politicians who served in Congress from 1970 to today and we put them in prison.  What makes more sense?

Still, I respect Ryan’s budget.  We need to control costs.  But Ryan’s budget is just a starting point for negotiations.

Reality is this:

more revenues

long-term cuts to entitlements

up-front investments for job.


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