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Right Response To Sony Over Hacking and The Interview

by John on 12/20/2014

Before I give you the right response – the Informed Not Inflamed response – let’s look at the typical responses.

First, the President said Sony was wrong in pulling the film. He is merely defending Free Speech and standing up to dictators. Nothing wrong with that.

Second, Sony said they didn’t pull the film themselves. It was the movie theater owners. What else would Sony say? They have to answer to shareholders who are pissed off that money was spent on a feature film with no return right now.

Third, the theater owners say it was Sony who made the first move. But clearly I saw postings from movie theater chains before Sony announced. And who can blame the theater owners? Look at the Colorado theater shootings a few years back. Again, theater owners are major corporations protecting shareholders. What else can they say? They want to insure safety in their theaters. Theaters are already under pressure thanks to online movie services.

Fourth, the actors fuming at Sony for pulling the film. What else would they say? They’re business folk too who are hoping for a return from their work. Many of them get back-end.

All that is expected. All this is covered by the media because it is easy.

Here is the right response that we should all be saying.

We need more technical education. We need more programmers who can combat cyber attacks like this. Hey this isn’t the first attack. What happens when our electrical infrastructure is hit on a hot summer day or during a blizzard?

Think about what your political leaders over the past 20 years have brought us. We have, paraphrasing David Stockman, bought a 1970s military with the intent of beating the Soviet Union when that is not real enemy that threatens our security.

So instead of screaming about your own personal and financial gains from this event, let’s look at the future and what this event tells us.

We need to grow and produce more geeks to keep us safe.

Your turn. Respond here or on any of my social media pages.


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