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Online Gaming Change? Christie Steps Up

by John on 02/07/2013


This just broke.

NJ Governor Christie is now backing online gaming in New Jersey.  Here’s one story.

The details are sketchy on the bill going through the Jersey Legislature.

But this will have impact across the US.  Certainly, Nevada is watching.  It could also mean a lot for foreign companies who want American online gamblers.

Again, not enough has shook out.

Watch Harry Reid.  From my sources, he may have made deals back in 2010 that allowed him to beat Sharron Angle — that are forcing him to stop online gaming.  The big casinos — namely big gamers like Wynn and Adelson — want no part of online gaming.  Right now, it is dead in Congress.

But states are looking for new revenues.  New Jersey is going to look for new revenues to jump start Atlantic City — already in trouble with the spread of Indian gaming — and then Hurricane Sandy.


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