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My Guidelines For Posting; What are yours?

by John on 05/24/2017

jd with cameraMany of you follow my Facebook and Twitter pages.  So a big thank you.

However, since I have come under some criticism, let me give you some insight into how and why I post.

Most of this will apply to this Facebook page and this Twitter page — my so-called news sites.  I only follow news organizations or journalists.  Use these sites as go-to places for a large gathering of news and information that I have aggregated.  They are helpful to me pulling together many elements during big breaking news stories.

Just to be clear, my other sites are either personal or for business.  I try to remove my news-guy hat on these other sites.  For example, the personal ones I might try to be funny and snarky.  The business ones, I try to be business-like?

So let’s jump into some explanation on the news sites.

Many wonder why I do this.  It’s easy.  It’s in my blood.  I love news.  It’s been that way since I was kid.  I can’t get away from it.  Even though some topics are sad and frightening, I love this.  And I think it offers a service to many.  Clearly, I love the whole process of news gathering, so not much anyone says against me stops me.

Many wonder why I don’t post my opinions a lot.  That’s easy too.  I want to see what all of you are thinking.

Still, some of you have criticized the way I post, so I thought I would write my guidelines.

Here goes:

  • My first goal, which is similar to my journalistic beliefs, is to provide information that keeps people out of danger.  That means immediate danger like bad weather or an on-going terror attack.  But it also means in the future.  That’s why you see me write a lot about the real underlying problems facing America and the real solutions.  Frankly, on my sites here you see more problem solving than from any elected official on the federal level.  So, for instance, if there is enough evidence to say our Commander-in-Chief is unfit, I think I have the right and the responsibility to raise the issue.  But also know I weigh the rights of the individual vs. the common good with great care.
  • My second goal is to be fair. That’s why you will see posts from the left and the right and sometimes the far left and far right. Some of you may think because I post I agree with these pieces.  Not necessarily.  I post for a wider perspective on the issues.  Even though I want to avoid bias, I will admit I have my own.  As you probably know, I am fiscally conservative, socially middle left, and very free market.  I have been called a lib-tard, an alt-right fascist, and a squishy moderate with no backbone.  (And that is just my inner voice.)  That doesn’t mean my views are right or wrong.  Listening and considering other viewpoints, I hope, is a hallmark of these sites.  There have been some cool results too.  A couple of followers from totally different points of view have actually become friends — after some angry posts.
  • Third, I try to post stories that are true or carry a majority of truth.  Does that mean I should be chastised if the stories are not true?  No, not if I am relying on credible news sources.  Sometimes news organizations get it wrong because news is just a first draft of history.  Now, if I post something that could help me help me financially, I always disclose that.
  • Four, I believe social media gives us a chance to communicate further.  I am not afraid to offer my opinion here, but I want my opinion to be grounded in facts.  I like to think my news analysis is highly empirical and unemotional.  As far as being unfair to Trump, I have posted stories favorable to him.  But there have been more negative posts lately because his ideas and policies have lacked research and common sense.  So when you post your opinion, try to offer a link for some credible confirmation of your point.
  • Five, my opinions – like my research – can change.  We live in an evolving world.  I tend to look ahead at what is coming and piecing it together with what has happened, as opposed to living in the past.  I try to look at the trends that are shaping our world: aging society and technology hurting jobs and salaries.  Too many times too many of us are stuck in the 1980s or the 1990s when it comes to solving our problems.  I will fight that – because that is not reality.
  • Six, like a news channel, my sites can be turned off.  So, if I offend your beliefs, then feel free to unfriend or block me.  I will not be offended.  Most likely, I will take it as a compliment.  It usually means the person doing the unfriending or blocking only sees one side of an issue.  I know that I am more well-read and thoughtful on most issues than the majority of Americans.  Still, I can be wrong.
  • Seven, I get things wrong.  I am human.  I try to correct them immediately.
  • Eight, I have blocked or unfriended a number of people.  Hey, it is my site.  And it is still a social media site.  Usually folks who get the ax are people who are all of these: too one-sided; attack someone personally; or who question me based on their feelings and not with facts.

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