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Melania Trump Controversy Perspective and #It’sTheSolutionsStupid

by John on 07/19/2016

(Here’s my take on the Melania Trump speech flap. And I introduce a new hashtag you can use for both conventions: #It’sTheSolutionsStupid.)

Melania TrumpMelania Trump’s speech is the new shiny object for political dogs.  We are now spending – no, make that wasting — our time debating whether somebody lifted words from someone else’s speech eight years ago.

We really shouldn’t care if Melania Trump plagiarized.

But we will hear theories on whether she wrote the actual speech.  She said she did.  Does Trump fire her?  My guess is she did not write it; someone within the campaign did.  That’s based on campaigns — like all reality shows today – have everything scripted.

You will also hear from conspiracy theorists that this plays perfectly into Trump’s narrative: women and immigrants can’t do the job.

What’s worse is the GOP response we have heard.  One supporter said, “We should concentrate on what a good performance Melania did and what a good mother she is.”


  • Wait, thanks to my TV career, I can read a telephone book flawlessly on a TelePrompTer.
  • When is being a good mother news?


Again, who cares?

All this trumped-up (sorry for the pun) stuff does is provide more ammunition for more political weapons rather than solutions.


Here’s the real take away from this:

The fact that she used similar language to Michelle Obama shows two things:

  • We all use the same words
  • Our political rhetoric is so empty, vapid, and predictable that we all say the same things no matter what party we are in.

Her speech was nicely delivered.  But it wasn’t that brilliant that you would want to lift it.  I didn’t hear any “Fourscore…”

It’s really the same stuff we get.

Becoming a politician is easy.  Use these terms:

God, liberty, freedom, anti-Washington, don’t pander to special-interests, the other guy is corrupt, trust me, I came from nothing, I am a victim.

Frankly, I’m tired of it all. Because most of it is empty. I am not anti- religion. In fact, I think religion, especially Christianity, has played a role in making America and creating Western civilization.
But I hear way too many people use the name of Jesus when they have absolutely have no Jesus-like qualities or policies.

The other reason this controversy is silly because there were no solutions offered yesterday at that convention.


Instead, we got more of the political infighting within the Republican Party.  When you get down to it, these conventions are all about the political party and the industry of politics. How do you put on a show to keep that special interest money flowing?

The irony is the majority of Americans do not follow either political party. That’s because neither party does nothing for them. It’s all about the special interests and the people who make a big living in politics off those special interests.

Again, because most of us are either bored or looking for the next reality TV show, we — like voyeurs — watch and get sucked in. The GOP and the Democrats know how to make good television. But they don’t create solutions because their sponsors won’t let them.  Instead, they create drama and confusion.

I heard someone from the Colorado delegation that walked out of the convention say that this was the death of conservatism in the GOP.  Can anyone really define conservatism? Ask 10 people and you’ll come up with 10 different answers today.

Actually, I thought true conservatism died when the GOP started calling themselves the party of liberty — when in reality they were the party of order.

Order versus freedom is the battle that makes democracy work. The Citizens United Supreme Court ruling changed all that. Now the political parties are not funnels of ideas but funnels of cash.

The GOP, in years past, had cornered the market on order. It was once the party of caution, commonsense, and honoring our institutions that gave us the foundation of our country. But because they could make more money, they wanted to be the party of liberty and freedom.  That allowed them to fight more wars and reduce taxes without regard to the budget.  That’s when it became confusing.

I am a fiscal conservative but hardly anyone in that Party has any fiscally smart plans. The confusion reigns on so many issues like immigration, education, the environment, and military incursions. Liberals and conservatives don’t know which way to turn — even when they agree.

As a result, they pick personalities rather than understanding the issues. It’s much easier. It’s much easier to throw out the typical American platitudes.

That’s the criticism of Melania Trump, the Trump Campaign, and both political parties deserve.




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