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Live Blogging Super Tuesday; Predictions Right Here

by John on 03/14/2016

Join me Tuesday night for the election returns on the next Super Tuesday.

I will be Live on Twitter and on Facebook John Daly and Facebook John Daly News.

So here is what I am predicting.

Let me rephrase that.

Here is what I am guessing. That means there is some research. A great source is Real Clear Politics.

But the polls are not great guides. Voters are changing their minds or just lying about who they’re picking. So, these are guesses using some research and then my gut. A reminder about my gut: I had a stomach flu last week.

Here goes.

  • GOP Florida: Trump in a landslide. I think this gets called as the polls close.
  • GOP Ohio: Trump in a close one. I am not convinced that locals like their politicians. Kasich might have some resentment on the local level as towns and cities are drained financially to make the state government look good.
  • GOP Illinois: Trump in another runaway.
  • GOP North Carolina: Trump wins fairly easily.
  • GOP Missouri: Cruz wins closely here. There are not many good polls in Mizzou, so my gut tells me this is Cruz territory.
  • Democrat Florida: Hillary wins this one easily.
  • Democrat Ohio: Bernie surprises in Buckeye State. My gut says the Trump Chicago rally brawls and accusations against Bernie will fuel Bernie supporters to vote. Plus, Ohio just feels like Michigan.
  • Democrat Illinois: Bernie surprises here too in Hillary’s birth state. See Ohio above.
  • Democrat North Carolina: Hillary wins this going away.
  • Democrat Missouri: Bernie wins close one.

Give me yours.

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