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Help Me Help You

by John on 07/09/2012

As I have mentioned, Informed Not Inflamed is changing – to help you.  But first, I need your input.

Here are some of the proposals for your comments.  Please be blunt.

  1. The Daly Dose is 2-3 minute newscast that will consolidate what you need to know and what articles, blogs, and videos you should partake.  This newscast will be a video and a podcast.  The blog will have links to the media mentioned in the newscast.  Questions for you: is this worthwhile?; would you want this on a daily basis or 2 or 3 times a week?; what type of content – politics, economy, new news media – would be more helpful to you?
  2. Daly Diatribe is a 2-to-5 minute commentary from me in video, podcast, and blog formats.  I will offer an opinion on an issue from politics, the economy, or the media.  Questions for you: is there a certain style of commentary you would prefer?; what topics do you want my opinion on?; How often?
  3.  Informed Not Inflamed Interviews will be with experts on politics, the economy, and the new news media.   We will avoid politicians.  These will be in-depth interviews lasting 30 minutes.  However, I plan on editing these interviews into short 2-to-5 minute videos on specific topics.  Questions for you: what type guests would you want to hear from?; what amount of time will you tolerate watching an online video?
  4. Informed Not Inflamed Seminars will allow you to participate in live events with experts online.  Questions for you: what topics would grab your interest?; is there a topic relating to our changing world that needs to be aired in such a forum?
  5. Informed Not Inflamed Courses is a series of videos, podcasts, and blogs that will help you learn the basics of becoming Informed and not Inflamed.  See the post here of a sample script.

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