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Gun Law Reality

by John on 04/18/2013


For the record, I was disappointed with the no-vote on the gun law yesterday.

  • I thought it was a common sense bill that wouldn’t have infringed on law-abiding gun owners.  Many of my so-called right-wing friends had no problems with background checks. 
  • Although I am for gun control, I am also in favor of someone being able to buy a gun to defend and protect their family.  I have talked about my experiences living in Las Vegas.
  • Personally, I agree that our gun culture out west has kept the nation safer over the decades.  We won’t be invaded by any foreign army because we can defend ourselves.  But at the same time, I don’t think we are in any danger right now from being invaded by Mexico or al Qaeda.  Still, I’m OK with a gun culture out there provided the arms are purchase from a reliable gun source.
  • But I also think too much of our government has been under the mind-control of – to quote Mitt – “severe conservatives.”  The neo-con and originalist interpretations of the Constitution – especially the Second Amendment – are dangerous since they won’t allow the country to lead the world in the 21st Century.  These right-wingers – with their 17th Century thinking – make us less relevant.
  • The worst result of the no vote was the glaring example of what I have been talking about here – that is also hurting our country — crony capitalism.  The NRA resembles a Fascist organization that has deep control of lawmakers for their own profit.  The NRA is not alone: the media, energy, and drug industries are just as Fascist.

The issue is not going away.  But the results will remain intact.

Read The End of Power by Moises Naim.  I reviewed it here.  One of his conclusions is this.  Nothing will change unless we change our Constitution to get things done to survive in the new world economy.

Some possibilities:

  • Ban Filibusters
  • Get rid of the Electoral College

These changes would bring the power back to the populace especially the liberal northeast and west coast at the expense of the Midwest and South that have minority power that sometimes denies the majority of Americans.

For a short time after Obama’s re-election, some folks in the GOP were floating the idea of getting rid of the Electoral College.  But when they thought it through, they have been mum on this idea.

Are these the changes we need?  I don’t know.  Still, if we don’t do something, then we will continue to get these stalemates and arguments or possibly the nation splitting into regions.

Social media has gone nuts in the wake of the no vote.

I watched Morning Joe on MSNBC this morning.  Joe and Mika were apoplectic.  They are now in “campaign mode” to rid the Senate of Democrats and Republicans who voted against the gun law requiring background checks.

If you’re betting, put your money on the Senators who voted no.

Here’s why in my takeaways from the vote:

  1. There will be major political battles in certain states with tons of money and political ads aiding the major media outlets only. The social media campaigns will be like tidal waves, but they will fail to sway the gun states and the elected officials because of the structure of our political system.
  2. The Senators who voted no know their states.  They made calculated risks and took the path that would most likely get them re-elected.  (Everyone does it.)
  3. Democrats don’t want to lose those states to GOP candidates.  Jim Geraghty nicely explains the Democratic hypocrisy and political reality ahead here.
  4. Those states were primarily in low population states in the Midwest, Plains, and South.  Voters in those states may be overwhelmingly for background checks, but they’re also gun owners.  They’re not going to get rid of a Senator that has an advantageous proportion of power in the Senate compared to the high population states.
  5. You can argue to these voters and citizens about the dangers of guns, but a gun culture in their part of the country is ingrained in them.  It’s like religion.  It’s part of their tradition and life experiences.  That has to be respected.  Still, these states need to respect the dangers of guns that spill over into our cities that city-goers don’t want.  Like most of us, it’s “all about me”.
  6. These states will not be swayed by so-called “outside money” from a New York City mayor.
  7. These states have state legislatures controlled by the GOP and the NRA. 
  8. The Senators in those states are going to vote in favor of comprehensive immigration reform instead.  The “no” on guns gives them cover when they vote to try to get Hispanics to come over to the GOP.  Let’s see if the rage continues over guns if immigration reform is passed.

Your thoughts.


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