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Fall Golf Calls From Carolinas

by John on 08/31/2015

If you are a golf nut then you need to be down here for fall golf.

I recently interviewed Shawn Hicken, the Head Golf Pro at Brunswick Plantation in Calabash, NC. You can see the interview here.

Shawn and I cover a few main points of why this time of year is so good for real golf enthusiasts.

First, the weather is great. It is cooler than the summer and there is no threat of Autumn show like you get up north.

Second, all the summer vacationers are gone. Those are the people who play rarely, hit way too many shots, and force all of us into 5 hour rounds.

Third, it is not the spring when rusty northern golfers come down here and can’t avoid the usual early season shanks leading to more 5 hour rounds.

Fourth, your game is still good from the summer and you want to make it happen before the winter comes so you will play better and so is everyone else because they’re nutcase golfers like you.

Fifth, it is easy to get down here even if it is just for a 4 day weekend. And accommodations are plentiful. You can always find a place to stay. My choice has been Brunswick Plantation. You can see some of the amenities in the video.

Sixth, it is great for a weekend with the guys or for couples.

Seventh, there are plenty of restaurants in the area or you can cook in your place.

So what are y’all waiting for?

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