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Christmas for Golf Nuts

by John on 12/03/2015

Looking for the perfect gift for the golf nut on your Christmas list?

Give them this guy: Al Cloyd. This is a recent video I did with him.

He is known as Doctor Grind, but he does a lot more than just grind down the bounce on your clubs.

He can fit you for the perfect clubs – even if you are a beginner. In fact, as you will see on the video, Al says beginners should definitely come to him.

First, if you don’t have that perfect swing yet then why would you have the wrong clubs improperly fitted to really screw with learning the game.

Second, you will be saving a lot of money with one set of clubs rather than going to a ton of different clubs to figure out what works. Go to Al and get all the stats and info so you get the right clubs for your swing.

Here’s what Al has done for me.

He grinded my wedges down to remove the bounce so my chipping around the green has improved.

He lowered the loft on my driver so I get less back swing giving me more distance and not losing accuracy.

He figured out the inconsistency in my irons because I was playing with clubs that were way too forgiving for my game. I needed more of a blade style. Unfortunately, someone at a big box store put me in this set.

Al’s in the Myrtle Beach area at Possum Trot Golf Course. His phone is 843-602-5527.

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