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Book Review: The Like Switch

by John on 06/05/2017

book cover like switch 2This is another great book.  It can be used in business.  And it could be good summer read with some foreign intrigue.

But it is not hot and steamy.  Hey, the authors are two PhD’s.

Who should read The Like Switch?

  • Anyone who works in business especially sales or network marketing.
  • Single people looking to find relationships.

The authors are Marvin Karlins, a professor of management, and Jack Schafer, a professor of psychology and a former FBI Special Agent.

Most of the stories come from Shafer’s efforts to recruit spies for the US and his work with diplomats to make sure they weren’t victims of foreign spies.

Besides spy tales, there are funny anecdotes of male students taking Shafer’s class looking to tell some — excuse the phrase — cock tails.  Apparently the tips worked since a lot of guys take his class.  But if you are reading to become a Lothario, realize it takes time and this is really not a recipe for a one-night stand.

The book explains different facial and body movements and what they mean.  Warning: after reading this, you will pay attention to everyone you talk to and try to interpret what they’re really saying.  But be careful: don’t act on anything just from reading this.  To avoid embarrassment, watch and analyze first.  There are plenty of visuals that are helpful too with the book.

For practical personal use, the book offers techniques and anecdotes on how to defuse tense situations.  For instance, how to get an upgraded seat on an airline even when the airline is over-crowded, although this was written before the United Airline incident.  They show how to defuse a situation with kindness and understanding even in an angry situation.  In short, they confirm the old saying sugar works better than vinegar.

The book is best as a sales tool; not so much to nail a sale right away but to understand what your sales target is really thinking so you can maintain a worthwhile long-term relationship.  For instance, if you are not getting the reaction you want, you will know when to stop bothering the person until later when conditions are better.

One realization: being a spy is no different than being a salesperson.  You’re gathering information to influence someone to do what you want them to do.

I knocked this off on Audible in about 3 or 4 sessions.

(Just a note here on book reviews on the site. Reviews here are short into the point. The goal is to get you to read the books and not my assessment. Also, I only review books here that are worth your time reading. Most of the books I review here are books that I listen to on I make sure to read as many books as possible while I am in either exercising or walking the dog for traveling.)

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