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Where’s The Outrage At Augusta?

by John on 04/07/2012

The outrage over women not being members at Augusta National is a credible argument. I am with women on that. However, they have to make sure that there are no all-women clubs that exclude men.

But I also think there’s another injustice at The Masters.

Why isn’t Gary McCord on the CBS Telecast?

Is there a War on Whackos now?

McCord was booted from the broadcasts for describing the slick grass between the 15th green and the water as “bikini waxed” and some fairway mounds “looking suspiciously like body bags.”

Here’s the ridiculousness of this.

First, McCord said it in 1995. Talk about holding a grudge. I shouldn’t be surprised. I have been told by Southerners two things: 1.) it is not the Civil War but the War of Northern Aggression; and 2.) save your Confederate Dollars, The South will rise again. My response: go ahead secede and see how well you do.

Second, bikini wax is a perfect description for the area at 15 on Augusta and body bags works too.

Third, elitism does not play well in this day and age. You guys look stodgy and small-minded. Someday it will hurt you — and you will change.

What disturbs me about this is that Tom Watson, one of the game’s greats, actually wrote a letter to CBS to have McCord fired. He called him the Howard Stern of golf broadcasting.

A message to Tom: Mr. Watson, I lost sleep for days when you didn’t win the British Open a few years ago. I wanted you to win so bad for us old guys. And it wasn’t because of your career, but because you have been a great guy. Continue being a nice guy and send another letter to CBS asking for McCord to be re-instated on Masters coverage.

I don’t know McCord personally. In fact, I think some of his commentary, along with David Ferrety’s, is a bit forced. Their comedy sometimes falls short.  You should hear the comedy I hear when I play.

Still, I love that they remove elitism from golf. Don’t get me wrong, I love The Masters and the other majors. But I play the game like the majority of us do — in shorts with a ball cap and a lot of false swagger and real enthusiasm.

McCord represents us. We deserve a place at Augusta too. 

Now where is my beer and cheetos?

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