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Your Philanthropic Footprint: Helping Build Trust

by John on 02/16/2017

what is your philanthropic footprint book(This is a book review of What’s Your Philanthropic Footprint? by Mary B. Leon Vail, MBA.  Some disclosure: Mary is a long-time friend from Las Vegas.)

What a great time for this book.  People and corporations should be giving back during this time of chaos in politics and the changing economy.

The problem: many don’t know how to give back.

Mary Vail solves that with her book, What’s Your Philanthropic Footprint?

Mary takes us through her years as a publicist and some of the campaigns she has created in the places she has lived.

mary-vailMany times when I lived in Las Vegas, Mary would allow me to emcee or appear at some of the different events.  She was masterful at making things easy for participants like me while drawing people, money, and media coverage for tons of causes.  As I read this book, I understand why she does it so well.

But this is also a how-to book for you and your company.  Mary gives us a whole list of things you can do – no matter where you live.  She also helps you realize how to use your talents and your interests to help philanthropically.

But more importantly, she reveals how giving back helps your community and you.

I hope to interview Mary on my radio show soon to let you hear her findings in more detail.

Tom-FriedmanMary echoes many themes from other well-known books.  I am also just finishing Tom Friedman’s book, “Thank You for Being Late.”   He describes it as an optimists guide in this new economy.

At the end of the book, Friedman’s goes back to his hometown of St. Louis Park, Minnesota, a place where he grew up with the real values of America.  It is a place where anyone, no matter their class, religion, or ethnicity could dream and thrive.  And many did from his hometown which is a who’s who of successful people.

At the core of his town, according to Friedman, were companies that came together and agreed to donate 10% of their profits to make the community a place for people to grow and learn.

He says that spirit exists still today.

We might not see it in many other communities.

But if more communities and corporations read Mary’s book, they might.

Remember the power of giving back will make you feel better.  But you’re also building trust in your community.  And trust is the foundation for prosperity.  That’s what will really make us great again.  And it is going to start on the local level.

Better yet, get more people out their volunteering and maybe we won’t have as much dumb political posts online.

Again, here’s the link to get the book.

Also, here is a video I produced for Mary and my good friend Joe Vassallo of Paragon Pools of Las Vegas for their brilliant water safety campaign for kids.


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