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What’s Wrong With Our Candidates?

by John on 03/22/2012

The answer: no one is calling people to serve their country — by creating jobs for themselves. 

Think about it.  Each candidate says they have a jobs plan. Instead, they offer incentives — mainly to corporations and some small business owners — to hire people. 

The Informed truth is this.  The jobs of the 1990s are gone and they’re not coming back.  They either no longer exist or they’re in a foreign country with cheaper labor.  The new jobs will be created by innovation and education. And it will take time.

What the candidates from both parties miss is this:  A large amount of Americans want to be free from a job — but fully engaged in a career — that they own.  I am not saying everyone is like this.  But no one is talking to these people yearning for some passion in their work.

So, why aren’t the politicians talking to these people?  It’s simple.  The politicians are listening to the special interests and the corporations.  They are paying members of Congress and the presidential candidates to maintain the status quo — fighting new technology and more efficient ways of producing and delivering goods and services.

Look around.  Never before has there been an environment where you can start your own business inexpensively.  The internet offers you access to worldwide markets, cheap marketing, inventory control, and low-cost packaging.  You can create a business online.

Will it free you from your mundane full-time job now?  Not right away, but you can do it on the side.

Every candidate cites Ronald Reagan and his stand on cutting taxes.  In truth, he also raised taxes while building up the defense budget.  But what most candidates miss about Reagan’s legacy was his call to action for people to start their own businesses.  He also made it easier for someone to become a sole proprietor out of their own homes and garages.

Think back on Presidents who had a legacy.  They unlocked this passion.  JFK told us, “ask what you can do for your country.”  FDR rallied us to vanquish a Depression and Fascism.  George Bush’s downfall can possibly be linked to his instructions of the dispassionate “go shopping” to support our troops in Iraq.  A Romney minion’s Etch A Sketch moment shows that it’s the candidate and not the people setting the agenda.

A candidate only needs to influence a small percentage of voters.  Remember B-1 Bob Dornan, the California Congressman and conservative talk show host?  His theory on presidential elections has held up.  To paraphrase: 40% will always vote Republican; 40% will always vote Democrat; and that leaves only 20% to really decide who will become President.

I bet a large number of those independent voters are some eager to be unlocked very small business owners.

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