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What I’m Reading: Clinton Cash 3

by John on 05/08/2015

So I have finished Peter Schweizer’s Clinton Cash on

I am looking for your comments on the book but also my experiment of the rolling book review that connects to the other two posts.

About the book, I highly recommend it. Republicans will jump all over this as conclusive evidence that Hillary is not presidential material. And there certainly is a lot of political fodder here to keep Hillary busy during the campaign and to raise questions about her ethics.

My suggestion is to read the journalists who will critique and investigate the allegations in this book. I would read but not lean on people like Peggy Noonan who wouldn’t praise anything any Democrat has ever done.

However when you listen to somebody like Jeffrey Sachs who is decidedly liberal but who currently criticizes the Clintons then that only clarifies my stand — if there is smoke, there is fire.

The biggest problem for the Clintons is this: billionaires donating money to the Clinton Foundation so that money goes to the country the billionaire lives in. You’re a billionaire in that country but you need an American non-profit to administer it?

That makes absolutely no sense.

The Clinton foundation is acting as an unnecessary middleman.

The only necessary fact is that the Clinton Foundation would provide political favors to that donating billionaire.

Unless, Billary can explain the optimum, ethical, and legal service they’re providing, it doesn’t look good for her. This is business 1980s style where you create wealth by being a middleman. It doesn’t work today in our high-tech low margin economy. The only way it works here is if there is other economic benefits like access to government and taxpayer money.

If any of these allegations are true, then maybe we are seeing the end of the vocal, out-front star-studded pitchman/entertainment superstar.

But Republicans should also be wary of themselves. Whoever runs against Hillary will be running on campaign money that is 40% dark money. In other words, we will have no idea who is backing the Republican candidate. Corruption runs both ways.

And when one party takes control of most levers of government that’s when corruption happens.

We saw it in the early 2000’s when the GOP failed to protect the nation, went to war improperly, damaged a lot of the military personnel of the nation, wasted billions of dollars paid to warlords and unscrupulous contractors, and brought on the financial crisis in a much quicker and harsher way.

We saw it with the Democrat-controlled Congress and the presidency in 2008 when we got a flawed but well-intentioned healthcare bill that was ushered in with health insurance lobbying efforts.

The irony is in the 1990s when Bill Clinton, as a Democrat, governed with a Republican Congress bringing us the biggest postwar economic boom with a budget surplus.

Another reason to read this book is because you have to become the most important journalist in your life. The media is culpable in the story as well. We have a media that is controlled by special interest and is also a special interest. As a result, we get books like this, that we can’t trust overall. We have to read these books, take the time to think about them, and analyze them, before we can make any decisions on whom we would vote for or what we want our country to be.

Happy muck-wading.

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