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What I Am Reading: Eat The Yolks; Certainly A Diet Changer

by John on 09/08/2015

My last book review I said Dying To Be Me could be a life changer. Eat The Yolks by Liz Wolfe could be too. But this is more of a diet changer for me.

Here are my takes:

  • After putting the ideas in this book to use, my weight is way down and clothes from 10 years ago fit and, in some cases, are too big. At a celebrity golf event, guys (yes that species that doesn’t pay attention to other guy’s bods) came up and asked me about the “new me.”
  • Plus, I feel great since I cut out all breads and grains, no processed foods, no pasta, while loading up on protein and raw vegetables while slathering on real butter even when I cook. Yes, I still drink wine.
  • Eat The Yolks wakes you up to the corruption of our government and the crony capitalists that have brought us such wonderful things as diabetes, obesity, hypertension, and cancer while they make billions since the 1970s!!!! Now think about the soaring healthcare costs over the decades from these diseases that have grown to epidemic proportions. That is what I would call a crime against humanity.
  • So, you will be both angry and happy reading this book.
  • Despite that anger the book could produce, it is well-written, loaded with research, and Liz Wolfe is a fun writer with a sense of humor. Her joy of life and sharing with people her eye-opening findings come through.
  • This is not a true diet book. Wolfe’s message is simple: you have to find out what works for you after reading and pondering her findings here and consulting with your doctor. We are truly not a one-size-fits-all. For instance, it seems I can go without grains completely while others need some in their diets. Still, those grains should be less processed like steel-cut oats.
  • As the book implies, you need to eat egg yolks. Get into the gooey yellow part. It is good for you. The yolks are loaded with Vitamin A and D. After reading this, you should feel more guilt when you eat egg whites only.
  • The same goes for butter and meat. The bottom line: you need fat and oils in your diet.
  • Stop all so-called vegetable oils like corn and soy. They are not oils but processed foods your body has no idea what to do with. Translation from me: once I stopped all that I lost my Buddha belly. Plus cooking with olive oil and butter tastes so much better. Not only that, my body craves avocado.
  • Foods with big corporate ad budgets are, according to Wolfe, “nutritionally bankrupt.” Avoid them. Find a local farm or store that provides you with organic vegetables and grass-fed meats.
  • One of the biggest money-takers from the food and grain industries was that liberal flag waver and Democratic Presidential candidate George McGovern who along with other farm state politicians ordered the FDA to build the food pyramid which forced grains, breads, and corn oil on us – even though there was – and never has been – any nutritional value. (And this was before Citizens United. Imagine the bullshit you are getting thrown at you now!)
  • Sunscreen might actually cause more skin cancer because it is blocking Vitamin D which is considered by some doctors to be a cure for skin cancer.

Most of her findings coincide with the findings of numerous superstar doctors I have been interviewing. They believe that 80% of what ails us can be cured or controlled by lifestyle changes namely diet, exercise, and stress reduction.

My business partner Susan Anzalone, also my food and wine expert on my radio show, alerted me to this book. Soon, I will do a radio interview with Susan on her experiences with the book, so stay tuned. If you have already read it, let me know your thoughts.


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