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What Do You Want From Me?

by John on 01/23/2013


That is not spoken in a New York accent.  Really, I need to know how to deliver what you need off of Informed Not Inflamed.

Here’s what I am proposing.

  • Each day or on a continual basis, I will produce a 2-5 minute newscast/video giving you the news and resources you need for the day.  It will include some commentary and important links to stories and reports you need.
  • What does this do for you?
  • Your news is delivered concisely.
  • You can go in-depth into the news you want and need.
  • You won’t need to watch any TV newscasts except for entertainment.
  • You won’t get any entertainment news like Lindsay Lohan updates.

Tell me if this is worth your time.

Tell me if there is something else that would get you the news you need without having to compromise the things you need to do.

Soon, you will be seeing instructional videos on Informed Not Inflamed on how to become more informed all within the daily routine of your lives.


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