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Use Me, Abuse Me. Please

by John on 04/22/2013

Changes are afoot on Informed Not Inflamed.

First, here are the two ways to use this site:

  1. Check-in on a recurring basis – especially if you’re not near a TV and especially during big national and international news stories.  We will keep you informed as best we can by gathering information from the news media and social media.
  2. Learn all the tricks of news gathering for yourself and join us when big news stories break.  Instructional videos will appear on a loop in the video player to the upper right of the page.  These instructional videos have been produced to give you the skills to be properly informed – within the daily routine of your life.  (You will be far more interesting at parties too.)

These changes were in the works long before the Boston Marathon bombing.  The terror in Boston, however, showed how sites like Informed Not Inflamed are needed for two reasons:

  • Traditional media can’t do it alone.
  • Social media still needs parts of the traditional media – mainly the sound news organizations that don’t grovel into entertainment.

So what else is happening here on the ever-expanding Informed Not Inflamed?

  1. A new radio show I will host with the Informed Not Inflamed name.  I can’t disclose too much.  But it will be aired online.  It will also be on a channel of a well-known media/journalist type.
  2. A new video platform so Informed Not Inflamed will be able to broadcast live.

Helping you become more informed is my passion.  It comes from an empty feeling I always had after newscasts: I wondered if the news – especially TV news – was really informing people.  I believed my research and the skills I had gained left so much good info off the air that only my friends would get.

But don’t let me get too idealistic here.

There is a business model behind this.

  • Don’t worry.  Being a part of Informed Not Inflamed won’t cost you.  There are no plans to charge you.  Feel free to sign up.  Also I am not going to sell your info.
  • This helps my video production business.  We can help you create an online platform along with the videos needed to promote you and your business.  Video is essential to marketing your business in this new media/search engine world.  (I am working on 2 other online businesses: a local newspaper and a platform for political candidates.)
  • This also helps my on-camera business.  I am always open to working as a spokesperson, emcee, or host for anyone’s video projects or live events.
  • This also helps my on-camera consulting business.  I can work with anyone who needs to prepare for on-camera interviews.  This includes CEOs, authors, and aspiring journalists.

So, let the abuse begin. Please.

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