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Uber App Glitches Can Cost You

by John on 07/14/2015

This is not an indictment of Uber by any means – just a heads up if you use the ride share company.

Notice the screen shot to the left. The Uber says no cars are available but I was still charged $18 by Uber.

The screenshot is from my business partner Susan Anzalone. I had the exact same thing on my phone at the same time.

So, I closed the app. I called a local cab company for a ride. But ten minutes later, I got a call from an Uber driver who said he was on the way.

I said I had not ordered the ride. He became angry since he said he had been driving in the direction of our pick-up spot. I told him not to come since a cab was already on the way. But he charged me anyway for his time.

I called Uber with no satisfaction either once I got the bill on my credit card. The message from the person on the other end was: if you reverse the charges on your credit card we will shut you off from any other Uber rides.

I haven’t had this problem with Lyft yet.

My Uber incident happened in Temecula, CA while we were on a video shoot – out away from the downtown near the vineyards where cell service can be spotty. And I may have hit the screen accidently saying I wanted the ride – even though I never saw that a car was available.

My suggestion: when Uber says there is no service, close the app completely.

Any other suggestions?

Anyone go through this too?

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