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Two Books To Read: Power of Habit and Fire Starter Sessions

by John on 04/30/2012

Read both these books.  They’re motivational, thought provoking, and entertaining.  Plus, they will give you a different perspective when dealing with the news of the world — and in your business.

The Power of Habit, by Charles Duhigg, is really a book for everyone from college age to retirement.  The Power of Habit is loaded with scientific information and stories – about the ability to train your brain – for success.  He proves we can actually change ourselves – by the way we think.

He talks about a woman who was unhappy, unhealthy, and newly divorced.  But she eventually transformed herself into a success and a marathoner.

Duhigg shows us how Alcoa – under Paul O’Neill – became more profitable and safer for its employees.  He concentrated on our worker safety and that, in turn, led to more profits.  It’s ironic that O’Neill would leave that post and become Treasury Secretary under George W. Bush – only to leave, dismayed by Bush’s tactics.  O’Neill wrote a book himself about the Bush’s desire to get Saddam – even before 9-11.

A warning after you read The Power of Habit: you will be more curious – about yourself or your spouse — when the circular arrives in your mailbox from Target.  You’ll understand when you read it.  BTW, Fareed Zakaria interviewed Duhigg yesterday; worth watching too.

Fire Starter Sessions, by Danielle LaPorte, is more empowering and motivational – and less scientific.  Still, like Duhigg, she shows us how we can change ourselves for the better.

She also has some practical mental exercises and conversation guidelines.  In short, she tells you how to feel good in your life and your work.  But geez, don’t be well-balanced.  I will let you discover what she means.

LaPorte is more touchy-feely; maybe too much for some guys.  But she offers a lot of common sense that was lost in the post-financial crisis world.

Just a reminder here: I don’t trash any books here.  If the book isn’t reviewed, it means I haven’t read it or I don’t think it has any relevance to what we’re talking about here.  If I review it, then it is worth the read.  Thus, I stay away from long reviews here.

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