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Turn Off The Cable News And Read This Book: The Fix

by John on 11/29/2016

the-fix-bookI only review books that you need to read.  This is one of them.

The Fix: How Nations Survive And Thrive In A World In Decline by Jonathan Tepperman.

I also try to make my reviews short and sweet.  You should be reading the book and not me.

I will be using a lot of examples from this book in future pieces.  It is that good.  I listened on Audible and it took me about 3 workout sessions.

So here are my takes:

  • This book is loaded with solutions from countries around the world – including the US.
  • Tepperman begins the book by offering the ten problems facing the world. He nails it.
  • The solutions he outlines are fairly reasonable but they can be messy to enact.
  • These solutions require a pragmatic leader, some of whom have dark pasts but they get things done. (Might give solace about our President-elect.)
  • This book leads to a lot of optimism about the US. The chapter on shale oil shows how government investment (all the way back in 1976 by Gerry Ford) took a lot of time but led to our movement towards energy independence.  It also shows how government regulations can be reduced for productivity without jeopardizing safety.
  • The book promotes free market principles. In fact, the reason why shale oil is successful here and not many other places is because individuals have property and mineral rights for the land they own which opens up a lot of investment and opportunity for citizens.
  • But the biggest idea for the US comes from Singapore which restricts presidential campaigns to 9 days and no political ads.

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